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Welcome to my blog! My profile says that my blog has as many interests as I do... and it does. I also post comments on many different types of blogs using this identity. Since my kids are still quite young, parenting consumes most of my time outside of work, and most of my posts are about motherhood, my kids, or something like that- in short "mommyblog" posts. So, if you've landed on this blog from a comment on another "mommyblog" you probably aren't at all confused by what you've found. If you poke around a bit, you'll find that I have a lot to say about sleep (or the lack thereof) and food, breastfeeding and the general feeding of babies, and feeding toddlers in addition to the usual cute stories about my kids.

However, I also post comments on science blogs. If you've landed here from one of those comments, you may or may not be interested in the mommyblog posts. You may find my posts about science or working in industry more relevant. Or maybe you'd be interested in my posts on women in science. I have a post on scientists who are mothers that I am slowly expanding. If you are a scientist/mother (or know of someone else that I should include), feel free to send me an email or leave a comment on that post with the information.

I comment on a few general "working mother" type blogs. If you came from one of those, you may be most interested in my many posts about working motherhood. My favorites are the one where I talk about why I'm a happy working mother and the one where I talk about day care in the context of research about how ancient women raised children.

Believe it or not, this blog started as a place to write up stories about my travels, including a "big trip" that Hubby and I took pre-kids. I considered starting a new blog when I changed my focus, but I decided that the blog could change with me. I'm glad I made that decision- I get a few grins out of the fact that at least once a week, someone lands on my blog because they want to know why American toilet stalls have gaps.  I still don't know the answer to that one. If you, do, by all means, email me so that I can share that knowledge with the folks who are searching for it!

Another great way to get a sampling of what I write is to check out a year in review post. Here's the one for 2011- which is the only one I've written so far. But I think I'll make it an annual feature.
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