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I have a long standing interest in productivity, particularly amongst "knowledge workers." I'm always Googling to try to find an article I've read on some aspect of the subject, and so I've decided to start collecting the links here. They are in no particular order. I've put links to some of the posts I've written on the subject here, too.

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I also wrote a short eBook with practical tips for getting the most out of your work day.

The Relationship between Work Hours and Productivity
  • An article summarizing why we should go back to a 40 hour work week. It contains some dubious conclusions about the supposed job-creating benefits of going back to a 40 hour work week (if people working 50 hours produce the same or less work as people working 40 hours- and the research says they do- then cutting work hours will have no direct impact on the number of jobs available.) However, it is an excellent and well-written summary of what we actually know about the relationship between the number of hours worked and work produced.
  • A white paper by Evan Robinson: Why Crunch Modes Doesn't Work.
  • One of the original research articles on the impact of fatigue on productivity: Pyschology and Industrial Efficiency, published by Hugo Munsterberg in 1913.

  • An article in Inc about why we should work 40-hour weeks.
  • An article in Inc about how trying to prevent Internet breaks and the like can actually decrease productivity.
  • Tony Schwartz' New York Times opinion piece about how relaxation makes us more productive.

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    1. I was searching for productivity articles and came across your list here.

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