My Book List

Parenting Books:
Useful children's books
  • We used the following books to help prepare Pumpkin for the arrival of her new sibling:

    • The New Baby, by Fred Rogers- yes, Mr. Rogers. The pictures are a little out of date, but this was Pumpkin's favorite book for awhile.
    • I'm a Big Sister, by Joanna Cole
  • We used Once Upon a Potty -- Girl, by Alona Frankel to help with potty training.
  • We found Teeth are Not for Biting, by Elizabeth Verdick to be helpful when Pumpkin was biting at day care. The publisher has an entire series of similar books- I've heard Feet are Not for Kicking is good if that is your child's favored method of showing aggression. Pacifiers Are Not Forever was helpful in preparing Pumpkin to give up her binky (although the Binky Fairy is what really did the trick).
Other Grown-Up Books I Recommend
Other Kids Books I Recommend
  • Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy, by Lynley Dodd. Of the many NZ imports we have and love, this is probably the easiest to find. It is repetitive enough for kids to love it without being so repetitive that it drives you insane reading it.
You can also check out Pumpkin's book list, which may soon become Pumpkin and Petunia's booklist. Or maybe Petunia will get her own list. We'll see.

I have also started a page listing my book reviews. And I try to remember to put the books label on my posts about books.