Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Life Flashing Before My Eyes...

... or at least the photos of my life since 2002.

My old laptop has been getting pretty creaky, so I finally decided to upgrade. I use a Mac at home (we also have a dual-boot PC that's usually running Windows and a dual-boot server that's usually running Linux- we're a multi-platform family).

My old Mac is so old that the data migration tool Apple provides doesn't run on it. Therefore, I'm moving my files by hand. My photos are in an old version of iPhoto, and have to be imported into the new version once I've transferred them. While its importing the photos, iPhoto flashes them on the screen.

I've gotten a bit nostalgic, watching the memories flash past. Most of the photos we take now are of Pumpkin. Before she came along, most of our photos were from trips or hikes we took around San Diego. Hubby and I had some good trips, and seeing the photos makes me smile. But it also makes me sad for all the places we didn't get to. Obviously, we're not done traveling, but it will be a while before we do any big international trips. So I smile at the photos from Bath and Wales, and wonder when we'll make it to Scotland. I watch the photos from Rome flash past, and wonder when we'll make it to Venice, or Florence.

I haven't even gotten to the "big trip" photos.... I'm watching the photos from our wedding and honeymoon in the Cook Islands flash past now. I've already started a campaign to go back there for our 5th wedding anniversary. Of course, that is next year, and we'll have a 7 month old then, so maybe I should campaign to go back for our 10th anniversary. Either way, Hubby would rather go see someplace new, like Vanuatu.

I know that we'll be traveling again before I know it. Time flies, etc., etc. It will be wonderful to travel with children, and see the sights through their unjaded eyes. We've already had a taste of that with our trip to Seattle. But there will also be a lot of stops we make that we'd never have considered before we had kids. For instance, I recently read about Fairytaleland in Sacramento and thought, "gee, that sounds like a good place to go." And it will be many, many years before we waste an afternoon in an Irish pub just because there is a booth that used to be a confessional. (I think the pub was called "The Bank", and its in the San Francisco banking district. They poured a nice pint of Guinness, too.) I think the trade off is a good one. But it is still a trade off.


  1. I set my screensaver up to cycle through all the photos on the computer, and sometimes I'll just sit there with Elli on my lap watching them. She loves seeing photos of herself! (Although she gets really bored by the random scenery shots)

    I'm finding my desire to travel has just vanished ever since she was born. My whole lab is heading off to Hawaii in a couple weeks, and I'm not even wishing I could go! It is very strange because half the reason I got into this line of work was the travelling, so I'm wondering if the desire to go to far away places will come back to me once she is older. My husband has no desire to travel, but I've always been a bit of a wanderer. Maybe if I'm lucky, Elli will want to go with me when she's older (although I'm not sure how easy it would be to cope with having a kid along for a conference...maybe I'd have to bring my parents too. I know a few people who do that).

  2. I miss traveling so much. I really do. Not as much as I would miss my daughter if I were to go off somewhere (just a long weekend to Florida made me miss her more than I can say). I can't believe it's been over 11 years since I was in Italy! I'm dying to get back, and I had hoped to go with the Pumpkin when she was still portable in a sling. But we didn't have the money, and now we'll have even less when the second comes. Maybe I should go back through old photos instead...

    And transferring by hand? Ugh! That must take forever!


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