Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Mother's Day Thoughts

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Hubby taught Pumpkin to say "Happy Mother's Day", which was very cute. We went to the beach, where Pumpkin and her Daddy and her aunt chased the waves. Pumpkin didn't test her luck- as soon as the wave started coming toward her, she would run away, yelling "Run away! Run away!" (Our own little budding Monty Python fan.) Then Hubby and Pumpkin took turns burying each others' feet in the sand. Pumpkin would watch her feet disappear and ask "where (Pumpkin's) feet go?" and then she'd pull them out of the sand, shrieking with laughter, and say "Here they are!" I dug in the sand a bit with Pumpkin, too, and even took a (short) turn chasing waves.

After the beach, we had a nice lunch out and then Pumpkin and I both took naps. All and all, a very nice day.

At the end of the day, I had some time to read some blogs. I saw a comment on one of Moxie's post from someone at a blog called Help A Mother Out. They are running a donation drive right now to get people to send diapers and basic hygiene supplies to organizations that work with mothers who need some help. They've set up Amazon wish lists for the organizations, and you can go and choose some diapers or wipes or what not and send them directly to the organization in question.

The site highlights the fact that government programs don't help these women with diapers, and points out that without a good supply of diapers, you can't send your kid to day care. The thought of a baby sitting around in a dirty diaper because his parents can't afford a clean one breaks my heart. Pumpkin isn't that prone to diaper rash, but she does get one if she stays in a dirty diaper for long at all and it is clearly very painful.

Hubby and I are currently arguing over the most cost effective way to donate some diapers and wipes to one of the relevant local organizations here in San Diego. I encourage everyone to find a way to do the same. If your husband isn't prone to over-analyzing the impact of shipping on your donation (and yes, I pointed out we could choose Super Saver shipping), you can donate via the Amazon Wishlists on Help A Mother Out.


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. Our gal down in San Diego is planning a number of "drop off" events for the summer. Right now you are free to drop off items at Rachel's Women's Center directly, although the wishlist process is working out GREAT for the agencies we are partnering with. Works for me (and I'm a pretty frugal/ cost benefit analysis kinda person ; - ) - Lisa

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!

    I saw that comment and checked out the site also! I want to see if they have any programs in my area. We've been planning to donate a bunch of diapers and wipes and stuff to local programs since the Pumpkin was a baby. I really need to make time to look into it.

  3. @caramama- when I donated some of my unused newborn supplies, I took them to a local organization that works with homeless people to get them off the streets. Sadly, they have a lot of mothers with new babies there. I knew about them because they are on our list of yearly donation recipients- but I'm sure every urban area has lots of organizations that can use diapers, etc., even if they don't yet have a diaper bank (apparently that is a relatively new idea).

  4. @caramama - Any battered women's shelter or family shelter in your area would LOVE diapers. Diapers are not covered under safety net programs like food stamps and WIC. Many mothers are having to choose between food or diapers. Check out ou blog/website for a list of items we are asking for people to donate- any agency anywhere would gladly take. -LT


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