Friday, December 11, 2009

What I Learned Today

Some things I learned today:
  • If I were a stay at home mom, I would eventually scream at Pumpkin "NO! I will not read that book again! I have JUST NOW read it to you five times in a row!"
  • If I were a stay at home mom, there would be far more Dora in my life than I am comfortable having.
  • Petunia may be too easy going for her own good.
At about 10:30, just as I was finally getting myself and Petunia dressed for the day, Pumpkin's day care called and told me that she had a fever. Petunia never did get dressed for the day- we drove up to day care to pick up Pumpkin.

When we got to day care, they told me that they were watching a movie because it was raining. (They couldn't play outside... this is San Diego. No one has decent rain gear for their kids.) Given Pumpkin's issues with their last rainy day movie, they let her pick the movie this time. They probably figured she would pick something she has at home and all would be fine. Of course, she doesn't have any Disney-type movies at home, so she picked the one that she was most curious about- Finding Nemo. She is always pointing at little orange fishes and calling the Nemo. She must have been pretty excited to see a whole movie about Nemo. Unfortunately, it apparently has a shark named Bruce who eats two Nemos and an octopus, and that's not very nice! She had to snuggle with one of her teachers, who noticed she was feeling a bit hot, so took her temperature and discovered a fever.

I shrugged, and decided that I'd try to explain about the movies another day (basically, if there is a plot, it is too scary for Pumpkin). I drove her home, listening to her version of the Nemo movie the entire way. I told her we could watch one of her favorite Noodlebug DVDs when we got home. So, we put the DVD in as soon as we got in the door, and I got out the thermometer to see if I needed to give Pumpkin any Tylenol. I got a normal reading. I tried several times during the day, and she always read normal.

All things considered, the day went well. But I never want to read Big Dog...Little Dog again, and oh my, am I tired. Poor Petunia spent a lot of time laying in her baby gym, smiling and "talking" and either being ignored or being smothered by her adoring big sister, until finally it was time for her usual late afternoon nurse-fest, which is when I had to break out the Dora.


  1. paola6:47 AM

    That was where we had to turn the dvd off too (Noah was 4 at the time). Now he can sit through Nemo without any problems, but it's Zoe turn to be afraid of Bruce (I think the scene is a hoot- Sharks with Aussie accents!! Cracks me up every time).

    p.s As a SAHM, I can totally relate to your opening comments. My 3 year old insists that I make up Angelina Ballerina stories all freaking day long. There is only so much Anglelina a mother can bare.

  2. That is so funny. Just this morning I had some negotiations along the lines of "I'll read you Cinderella, but only if I get to read Green eggs and Ham next". I so know where you're coming from!

    I'm so amused by your description "If it has a plot it is too scary". Here's the latest we've been watching
    I don't know if Pumpkin will like it (or if you will approve - this probably needs to be previewed), but I am very entertained, and E loves the "Lil Cthulu goes on a trip, then goes back home for a nap".

  3. Our lives are so parallel...expect I'm the stay-at-home mom who can't read Tremendous Trucks again. I never dreamed that I would know so much about heavy machinery. Never.

    And the on-going and mostly serious joke around our house is a bet over who is going to forget B and where. What is it about the 2nd baby that makes them so serene? B only cries for legitimate reasons, although these days legitimate reasons now include "talking." But how can I complain?

  4. If it has a plot, it's too scary for Munchkin too, which is why her favorite Dora videos are the ones she's already seen 500 times.

    We have LONG had a ritual of saying "Mommy / Daddy will read this ONE MORE TIME." And then we hold up one finger, and make Munchkin hold up one finger, and repeat, "one more time."

    Because the repeating? Can make you crazy.

  5. Anonymous5:39 AM

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  6. Rejoice in the easier second child! I know I am.

    My girl says in the cutest way, "Read it again! Read it again!" It's so adorable how she says it that I will read it again. And again. And again. But then? I'm done! No matter how cute she keeps asking. Distraction is the only thing that works at that point, though.


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