Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Milestone

I've been back at work for 6 weeks now (4 part time and 2 full time), and just today, I finished going through the mail that had accumulated while I was gone.

And that was just the physical mail. I still have a folder of email to come back to and "handle".

I long ago gave up on feeling caught up at home. Perhaps I should surrender the hope of being caught up at work, too- just embrace the never-ending to do list in all aspects of my life!


  1. "Embrace the never-ending to do list" = so true. One of those cheesy life's instruction book-esque pieces of assvice is "When you die, your in-box won't be empty." One of the hardest things as a parent/working person/spouse is to figure out how to lower the standards in every area a bit & to work smarter instead of working harder.

  2. Little by little, I'm finally feeling like I'm getting my life back in order and returning to myself a bit. I just figure when the kids are this young, (general) you just can't keep up with everything else you used to do.

  3. hang in there. don't overburden yourself with too big a list! Keep it simple. You are handling a huge amount even though the inbox doesn't thinnk so.

  4. My company has an awesome "Women's Conference" every other year and one of the time management speakers a few years ago emphasized that we had to accept that we would never get our to-do lists done. And that we should be comfortable with that.

    Somehow hearing it from someone else, an "expert" even, made me feel better :D


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