Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Another Blindingly Obvious Post

Petunia is doing great at day care. She did fine her first day, but ate a lot less than usual, and frankly, she seemed a little freaked out by it all when I picked her up. Her eyes were open even wider than usual, and when I took her from the teacher who was holding her, she grabbed onto my shirt and leaned back so that she could keep looking at me while I gathered up her things.

They had taken her to visit Pumpkin at one point, which I imagine helped. She clearly loves her big sister. Pumpkin can almost always get her to smile, and usually can get her to laugh.

Today, Petunia ate more- still not as much as usual, but at least 3 ounces more than yesterday, and seemed pretty content when I got there. She was finishing off her last bottle in the arms of one of the teachers. She immediately gave Pumpkin (who insists on coming in to the baby room with me, even though she is required to stand against the wall by the door while I pick up Petunia) a huge grin. In short, she seemed like her normal self- a smiley, happy little baby.

I've made it out of the house on time both of the last two days. We got dinner on the table a little late, but not terribly so. We even had time for a family walk around the block today. The girls looked so cute sitting next to each other in their double stroller.

So, it is all going to be OK.

But you already knew that.


  1. Congratulations on making it through the day! It's certainly a transition. I know she will thrive there just liker her big sis.

  2. Yea!!!

    And you already knew that, too. ;-)

  3. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Off the topic question, but I have two girls about your girls' age and am wanting a double stroller. What kind do you have that accomodates both the infant and the toddler? Thanks!

  4. @Anonymous- we have two- one side by side (it is a Combi) that my girls really seem to like. It is not as easy to push as a single stroller, but we get around OK. We use that for walks in the neighborhood.

    We also have a Sit and Stand. We just got that, though, so I don't have direct experience with it yet. I'm thinking that it will work well for trips to the Zoo and other places where Pumpkin gets jealous because we didn't bring her stroller, but then mostly doesn't want to sit in the stroller if we bring it.

    If we did any serious walking/running with them, I think I'd want a double BOB- but those are just too big to be our primary stroller. We don't have the trunk space! They seem to push really well, though.

  5. thanks your nice post.


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