Monday, December 13, 2010

A Quick Update Because I Know My Parents are Worrying, Too

Petunia's doctor could find nothing wrong with her, except for a slightly runny nose. So we're going with the hypothesis that this is a standard day care illness, that she just reacts to most illnesses by getting a high fever, and that it is nothing to worry about. If her fever isn't gone by Wednesday or if she gets sick again next weekend, we're probably going to go see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.

Pumpkin reported playing with her friend "E" and a little boy "A". She and "A" apparently dug in the sand with one of the littler kids, and "threw sand up in the air". That last bit is usually a big no-no at the school, so I'm guessing it was more vigorous digging than actual launching of sand into the air. But who knows. Hubby says it was a really rough drop off, though, because only "B" and another little girl were there. Pumpkin didn't want to let go of Daddy, and one of the teachers had to come hold her for awhile so he could leave. So a mixed day. No word yet from the managing director. If she doesn't answer my email tomorrow, I guess I'll just have to call. They had the Lions in today doing vision testing, so she was probably pretty swamped. (Pumpkin's vision is excellent, in case you're curious.)

Pumpkin was in a pretty good mood tonight, as was Petunia, so I'm off to bed feeling a little less worried. I'll share one last thing:

That is Santa in his sleigh, being pulled by his reindeer.


  1. I'm pleased to hear you're less worried today and look forward to hearing good news I hope from both meetings. I'm very worried about my 14 month old daughter who eats very little. My friend's child eats even less and the hospital has put her on a tube to be fed! I'm terrified of the same thing being recommended for Heidi. I read with interest your posts on fussy eating. Were you concerned about quantity as well as variety?

  2. Aubergine Kenobi2:32 AM

    It's good to hear you're less worried now. The first winter at daycare seems to go on forver, isn't it?

    Both my children get high fever very easily (hovering around 104), and usually the doctors can't see anything on the firs visit, so we're told, it's probably viral and to call back if the fever continues after 3 days. But knowing the drill doesn't make you any less nervous, doesn't it? Anyway, I hope Petunia is on the mend now.

    It really sounds that "B" has the whole playground terrorized, so it's good that you're taking action and discussing it with the managing director. Good luck!

  3. @Kim, yes, we had issues with quantity, too, especially around the transition to the room at day care where they needed to self-feed. I was still breastfeeding, and that helped keep me from going nuts, because I knew she was getting nutrition that way. But Pumpkin was a small baby (it wasn't until I had Petunia and saw the normal baby chunk that I realized how slender Pumpkin was as a baby!) and is still a thin kid. I really stressed about it for quite awhile. But then I realized that a teenage girl who was average height and between 5% and 15% on weight was probably going to be a very happy camper, and I let it go. It is just her body type.

    She still goes through phases where I'd swear she is photosynthesizing. But she seems to be fine.

    You would probably find Ellyn Satter's books very reassuring. I read Child of Mine, but I was skimming How to Get Your Child To Eat... But Not To Much at the doctor's office yesterday, and it looks even better.

    @Aubergine Kenobi- B definitely rules the playground for the group of girls in Pumpkin's class. We've been hearing things about her ("B said only girls with straight hair can do X", for instance) for awhile, and have been coaching Pumpkin on how to handle that. I'm just concerned now that maybe it has gotten worse, or has spread to the other girls. And I can't quite believe it is happening so soon!

  4. I'm glad things aren't worrying you as much. Hopefully that means they are getting better.

    My boy had a mysterious fever-only illness a couple weekends ago. It lasted 3-4 days, with no other symptoms, and then cleared up just fine. His daycare said it was going around. I was worried it was going to be an ear infection and was about to bring him into the doctor's when the fever went away. Whew!

    I worry about my girl's social life as well. She just does her own thing and generally prefers adults (and her brother), so I'm worried about kids her age getting put off by her. It's part of why I thought the mixed age class she's in now would be good--I am hoping that the older kids will be good examples and that they will be a kind of adult-substitute. We'll see.

    I agree with whoever said at least your girl is not the one be meaning and excluding others!


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