Sunday, May 22, 2011

Surprisingly Profound Kid's Art: Mommy's Face

Shapes were provided by the teachers. Placement was provided by the artist.

The subject wondered if perhaps the placement of the ears was a statement about how well Mommy listens. The artist indicated that those were cheeks.

Mommy's Face
Artist: Pumpkin, age 2 years, 1 month

This is the second entry in a  series. The first entry explains the concept: these are pictures of art my kids make that seems to be saying something a little more than most.


  1. Love your analysis :)

  2. Mommy looks a lot like a fruit salad. The wiggles would be proud!

  3. Love it. Reminds me of this quote "“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” - Pablo Picasso.

  4. Wow, Cloud, I feel like I know a little bit more what you look like now. :)

    And there have been ears atop heads over at chez Melba too, what's with that? We've also had the stacked eyes on one side, a la Picasso. Profound indeed. Love it!

  5. the milliner7:19 AM

    Love it. Um, does the fact that I see a skull make me dark? Maybe it's just the fact that we're reading a book called "The Bones You Own"?

  6. In my daughter's art class this past fall/winter, the inspiration artist was Picasso! They were encouraged to mix up features and colors. My daughter did a self portrait, with all sorts of colors that aren't normally on the face. It was very cute. We're hanging it in the dining room.

    The Pumpkin is sitting next to me and wants to type something for you:

    k dsaoiw9rU#Q*$*RjvIREWU

    She says it says: Mommy dear, I love you every time. ;-)


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