Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Funny Things Edition

It has been a pretty busy week at work, culminating in a really full day today... so I think I'll post a bunch of funny things. I know that I could use a laugh, at least.

First up, a post from Antropologa, an American living in Sweden, with a memory of the hilarity that ensues when you try to speak a foreign language and ask for things that weren't in the textbook. I laugh out loud every time I read this post.

This Cracked post about the most baffling things about women's clothing is funny because it is true. I would add: you have to try on every pair of pants you buy, because two pair of pants in the same size and style but different colors might fit differently.  I have a pair of black pinstripe pants that I do not wear, because I bought them based solely on the fact that I had just tried on a pair of theoretically identical grey pants that fit great. MISTAKE. I have been too lazy to take them back, so I guess they will just hang in my closet as a silent reminder to always try everything on.

If you, like me, live with a font geek, this xkcd cartoon will make you laugh out loud.

Amazon sells a purple unicorn castle T-shirt. A lot of guys apparently really like it. Maybe I should get one for my "unicorn" husband.

Here are the rules for modern movie posters.

My husband found this video of Vanilla Ice going Indie Rock:

And of course, don't forget to drop by Mommy Shorts and read my guest post about pink, purple, and princess toys that still encourage development of spatial reasoning and math skills. It isn't funny, but a lot of the other things on her site are (I particularly like her Parenting Charts), so I'm going to stretch the rules and include it here.


  1. One of my memories from childhood is being in Mexico and my mother having forgotten how to say "bra" in Spanish. IIRC, she was a bit agitated because she really needed one!

    Years later I can ask her how to say it and she knows right off.

  2. I love that post about clothing. I work for a women's magazine and see even crazier stuff. People complain about magazines not showing regular sized women for example...well we try, but we actually cannot get clothing above a size 4 in time to shoot it for the right season in time. They only make small sample sizes and we have actually taped clothes on people.

    But really I wanted to geek out on the sizing thing. So here's the deal and why Old Navy was the biggest offender in the Esquire piece: when you mass-manufacture clothing you put stacks of material on the press to cut. The cheaper the clothes and bigger the order the higher the stack of fabric right? So to cut that the blades go through at a slight angle. Then pieces are matched - top right to top left, sort of thing.

    So the difference in size, after stitching, can be inches from the top of the stack to the bottom, even though they were all cut on a "size 12." The really frustrating thing is that stores can get gaps in sizes - if you get the larger size 12s and smaller 10s you may be missing a true 10.

    One way to avoid then is to go with smaller-run lines, which of course are more expensive- better quality control too. Still, yeah, try them on.

  3. @Shandra- thanks for explaining why the pants fit differently!

    It is still really, really annoying, though! It means that even if I find a style I like, I can't buy online.


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