Saturday, December 28, 2013

Weekend Links: The End of the Year Edition

OK, so really, this is just another random collection of links, but it is the last random collection of links of 2013! Unless you could my year in review post, which I plan to write sometime next week.

Anyway, I've got an interesting mix for you this week.

First up, some science, with two stories reporting progress in two baffling diseases. Narcolepsy has been confirmed as an autoimmune disorder, which helps to explain why there was a spike in new cases associated with the 2009 swine flu outbreak. And epilepsy has been confirmed as part of the very baffling "nodding syndrome" that has been affected children in Uganda and South Sudan. When I read stories like these, I am in awe of the fact that our bodies function as well as they do, really. And I hope that these advances can be translated into treatments for the affected patients, but realistically, that may still be a long way off.

In tech news: there is now an ebook StackExchange. I plan to spend sometime checking it out soon.

Badmomgoodmom sent me a link to this video, in which someone has sorted midday traffic on one of the San Diego freeways by color. One thing I conclude from this video is that you don't want to buy a forest green car in San Diego. They all get the paint discoloration that I call the mange. (We had a forest green Subaru Outback before we bought our Mazda 5, and it did indeed have the mange by the time we sold it.)

And this video is just fun.

Finally, Mr. Snarky found these instructions on how to do contemporary dance, and find it amusing. Even if the dude can't spell hilarious.

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