Friday, March 07, 2014

Weekend Reading: The Better Than Nothing Edition

I am smack in the middle of a really busy period, both at work and at home. It is all "good busy" so I am not complaining. But it does mean that I haven't written a post all week, and I only have a few links for you this week, and no coherent theme for them whatsoever.

Ah well. The glory of this blog is that it is just a hobby so it doesn't really matter if I slack on it! (In fact, I have a post forming in my head about just that- what makes an activity stressful and what makes it stay fun. Maybe I'll find more time to blog next week and tell you all about it.)

Anyway, here are a few links:

Google really needs to do better at recognizing names if it is going to insist that we all use our real names.

This is a really good post about why the people who made fun of Kim Novak at the Oscars should shut up.

And still talking about Kim Novak, I thought Ta-Nehisi Coates generalized the situation beautifully.

A nice post about why venture capital isn't the only path to success for a start up.

And finally, something new for me- a podcast recommendation. I've been listening to podcasts to take the edge off of my commute, and I really enjoyed this one from NPR's Planet Money about mescal and global trade and a little village in Oaxaca.

I have heaps of potentially interesting things in my Twitter favorites- maybe Petunia will have a hard time falling asleep one night next week and I'll catch up.


  1. Along the lines of what happened in the post about Google above, a friend of mine was incensed when her real name was rejected by Facebook and she was shut out of her Facebook account. The reason? Her first name and last name are the same, as is common in many East Asian cultures.

  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Oddly Google+ has no trouble believing that Nicole Maggie is a real person.


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