Friday, April 04, 2014

Weekend Links: Good Blog Posts Edition

We spent the first part of the week in Catalina with my family, having a very nice, relaxing time. We rented a house in Avalon and... didn't do much. We took the kids on a semi-submersible boat trip to see the fish. We sat at the bar on Descanso Beach and drank pina coladas while the kids (and Mr. Snarky) played in the sand. We played mini golf with the kids on the delightfully cramped course in the middle of Avalon. We ate ice cream. The kids invented a game called "beach ball," which involved my mom pitching a small, soft yellow ball (that for some reason had eyes) to Petunia, who hit it with a paddle. When it flew into the bushes or whatnot, Petunia would holler "ball girl!" and Pumpkin would retrieve the ball.

I also read two short ebooks and slept in a lot. I occasionally read some tweets, but I didn't read much else online. So I only have a few links for you this week, all from some of my favorite blogs.

Tragic Sandwich wrote about her current normal.

Bad Mom, Good Mom wrote about the power of math and data analysis.

Nicole and Maggie wrote about the power of small changes.

And now, I'm going to unplug again. Pumpkin turns 7 tomorrow and her party is Sunday. My parents are here until Monday.

Don't forget to tell me what job search questions I haven't answered and to volunteer as a beta tester or reviewer if you are so inclined! I will come answer the questions this weekend or early next week.


  1. I love the post about the power of small changes--I'm trying to remember that these days, and the post is really helpful.

    And thanks for another shout-out!

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Thanks for the link!


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