Friday, May 09, 2014

Weekend Reading: The All Fun Edition

I am in the mood for fun links, so this week's link list is nothing but fun.

First up, one incredibly classy VW bug.

An island full of bunnies! I want to go there.

Find the census blocks where no one lives.

Cool 3D sand drawings. Yes, there really are beaches that big, flat, and empty in New Zealand. The header photo for this blog was taken on one!

This story about a misread word made me laugh out loud.

So did this tweet:

I am a sucker for a good flash mob, and this is one of my favorites I've found in awhile:

But it led me to an even better one:

New life goal: participate in a musical flash mob.


  1. Believe it or not, I can use that Star Wars flash mob for work. Thank you.

  2. Alexicographer7:25 PM

    Haha, love that video. Star Wars is a BIG part of my (child's) life at the moment, so he'll get a kick out of this.

  3. The world is a beautiful place... look at what we can do! Beautiful music.

  4. What about the jazz flash mob to celebrate DTLA's Union Station's birthday?


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