Saturday, October 11, 2014

Happy, Fluffy Things

It has been a dark week on my Twitter feed. Normally, I love Twitter. I have learned so much from following people, and I have found people all over the world I consider friends. I am not ready to step away from it, but I also have to make sure that I limit the bouts of ugliness that I let into my life. It is a hard balance to find, and I haven't even had any of the ugliness directed specifically at me.

Anyway, I'm feeling like I need some happy, fluffy things. Also, I have the antsy feeling I get when I want to create something, and I'm having a hard time quelling it. I went through the little notebook I carry with me and use to jot down ideas, to see if I had any ideas ready to move closer to reality. I didn't really. I did transfer some ideas for kids' books into my digital ideas list, to make sure I don't lose them. While I was in that folder, I added some lines to the story I'm currently working on, but quickly got stuck again, so I went back to looking through my idea book.

I found a page on which I'd written some things Petunia-isms I didn't want to forget. These are definitely happy things. I can't remember if I ever made a blog post from them, and already some are in the past.

She doesn't call my Kindle a candle, anymore, or say "chopstick" when she means "chapstick." (She calls it lipstick now, anyway.)

I haven't asked her recently if she still wants a Yo Gabba Gabba bed when she grows up.

She still calls ketchup "checkup," though.

I also found a note about this song:

It is really good.

I don't have any notes in my book about Pumpkin, but there are a lot of happy things about her, too. She loves to read right now. Her current favorite books are the A to Z Mysteries,by Ron Roy. She's read some of them at least five times by now. I keep having to remind myself not to be frustrated by how slow she is to decide to try new series. She'll get there on her own time.

The title promises fluffy things, not just happy things. The fluffy things are bunnies. I love bunnies, but am sadly allergic to them and cannot have one as a pet. Since I now have a tumblr, I decided to follow some bunny tumblrs, so that I could vicariously enjoy other people's pet bunnies. Also, looking at cute bunnies cleanses some of the ugliness from my brain. If you, too, want to replace ugliness with bunnies, here are some particularly cute ones.


  1. Have you tried the Greetings from Somewhere series? They are pretty good so far (we've only read two). We're just about to try our first Capital Area Mystery.

  2. Anonymous5:59 AM

    DC1 branched out from the A to Z mysteries eventually (I am, in fact, contemplating moving them to his little sister's room to make more space in his bookcase along with the magic treehouse books). It was also a good way to get him interested in a lot of other mystery series at the library and for a little while mysteries was all he was reading. (Not just Cam Jansens, which are also like crack.) She might like Nancy Drew-- DC1 was into Hardy Boys and Hank the Cowdog along with Cam and Ron Roy series.

  3. Ah, that is a nice song.

    And the circles of the Internet that I lurk in have just exploded in the latest ugly/hyperbolic/chest-beating scandal shi**storm, so I am right there with you. It makes me wonder what the point of Twitter and Tumblr and the rest of it even is at sometimes, since people seem to use it mainly for attacking one another.

    So, yeah.

  4. Kristin10:55 AM

    Thanks, we'll try that series! I did just see there's a younger Nancy Drew series so will look for that. I also have recommendations for books from G. Stilton, The World According to Humphrey and Flat Stanley (Flatland for kids?).

  5. Anonymous11:07 AM

    DC1 read all the G. Stiltons, but only once or maybe twice. (Can you tell I'm a Scholastic sets addict? If it's available as a set from Scholastic, we own it.)


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