Friday, December 19, 2014

Weekend Reading: The Concise Edition

Today's been a busy day with home and work things and the school holiday show... so my links post is going to be unusually concise. It should give you more time to read the links themselves, right?

Funny: Ayn Rand Reviews Children's Movies, by Mallory Ortberg.

Sad: Three female MIT computer scientists do a Reddit AMA... and it goes exactly how you think it would. If you wonder how it would go, just read the comments on the Wired article! Otherwise, don't. They are depressing.

Finally: A big name tech guy tells of GamerGaters

Thougt-provoking: I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People, by Brit Bennett.

Honest: Men Just Don't Trust Women. And This Is a Problem, by Damon Young.

Eye-opening: A design flaw in the criminal justice syste, by Sarah Lustbader. The problem is probably not the one you're thinking of.

Insightful: Torture should not be a partisan issue, by Jamelle Bouie.

Nifty: Volvo created a bike helmet that warns drivers about nearby cyclists.

Case study in unintended consequences of incentives:  Pennywise and pound-foolish: misidentified cells and competitive pressures in scientific knowledge-building, by Janet D. Stemwedl

True: the problem with "just be yourself," by Charlie Bink.

Smart: Interview with Shani O. Hilton on building the BuzzFeed newsroom. "The fun thing has been in practice that means that the more diversity that you get in your office, the easier it is to get more diversity, because you hire people, you trust them.

You say, “Hey, I’m looking for this position to be filled.” Then their networks open up to you in a way that is really great. It’s been really nice, because we’ve seen this kind of accelerated growth, in terms of diversity on staff, and it’s just really rewarding."

Good: an essay on science, art, and life... and three mice at the Smithsonian, by E. A. Farro.

Happy weekend, everyone! And maybe Merry Christmas, too... it remains to be seen if I'll post again before Christmas.

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