Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Sunday Hodge-Podge

It has been another weekend of painting here... but now the "little room" (which used to be Petunia's bedroom) is painted and its carpet is cleaned. We plan to move furniture in later this week.

We're also planning to brave a weekend trip to Ikea later today, to buy the shelves for our office, the new shelves for Petunia's room, and a bunch of other things.

So progress is being made.

Petunia loves her new room. She's experimenting with where to store all her things, and enjoying the extra space and storage she has now- and we still have more storage to get her. This renovation project really is making us happier, and it isn't even done yet. Still, I am in no hurry to start any more home improvements. I was washing dishes this week, looking at the wall about the sink. I caught myself thinking that it really could use a fresh coat of paint and I had to laugh. There is no way I want to paint anything more right now!

Before I started painting this morning, I wrote my next Tungsten Hippo post for Nonfiction November. The prompt this week was to pair a non-fiction book and a fiction book. I love this sort of thing! I already had a category of blog posts for it: the "Read Together" posts. It only had a couple of entries, though, because it turns out to be hard to find good pairings. Taster flights are easier.

Speaking of Taster Flights, I need to get some review love for Missed Chances. If you're interested in reviewing it on your blog or on Amazon or GoodReads, let me know. There will be a GoodReads giveaway for it starting later this week, too- watch for a tweet and/or a mention in the next links post if you're interested in participating in that. And of course, you can help me out by adding it to your shelves: here's the GoodReads page for it.

My Sunday posts seem to gravitate towards the hodge-podge end of the spectrum. Rather than fighting that, I think I'll run with it. Maybe I should make a new category, like the Weekend Links: the Sunday Hodge-Podge.

The weather has finally turned towards fall here. There's a slight chill in the air (San Diego style- the high today is still going to be in the low 70s) and I am forced to accept that I probably won't be taking anymore barefoot walks on the beach this year. Fair enough, it is November. I'm still planning a walk on the beach to celebrate the release of Missed Chances, though. Rules are rules.

And now it is time to get back to work. I have a grocery list to write and groceries to buy before our Ikea trip....


  1. Grammar nazi says "forced to accept."

    I'm glad the renovation is wrapping up and it's adding a lot of value already! I like the idea of Sunday Hodge-Podge.

    1. Yikes! I admit that I often have to stop and think about affect vs. effect, but never accept vs. except! I think it is weird how your brain can make substitutions like that without you even realizing.

      It is fixed now. :)

  2. I don't get the sense that you are ever at a loss for things to write about, but if you are ever looking for Sunday Hodge-Podge ideas, I'd love to hear how your family's immersion experience is going (if your children are still in immersion). My kids are in 3rd and K in a French immersion program and it has been so interesting to watch the differences in the younger child's experience with the immersion environment. I have been amazed how much they are playing with the French language at home, together. I am really interested in other people's immersion experiences, so would love to hear more about yours.

  3. xykademiqz7:45 PM

    I can do a review for Missed Chances if you are still looking for reviewers.

    1. I am! In general, if one of the books I've published has fewer than 5 reviews on Amazon, I'm looking for reviewers.

      I'll dig up an email for you and send you a link to the review copies.



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