Friday, December 04, 2015

Weekend Reading: The Refusing to Give Up Edition

I swear I do not intend to turn this blog into a long string of links posts with occasional rambling hodge podge posts in between. Some day soon, I hope to write some posts to prove that.

In the meantime, at least I have some links to share this week!

I don't really want to talk about the shooting in San Bernardino, except to say that I don't think we are a lost cause. I think we can reform our gun laws and our gun culture. My opinion that we need to address how easy it is to get guns in this country is not changed one iota by the fact that the perpetrators in this case seem to have been at least partially motivated by jihadism. As others have pointed out, jihadi leaders have previously urged potential followers to take advantage of our lax gun laws. Now, it seems someone has done exactly that.

I'll take that strain of thought a step further and point you to this interview with Deeyah Khan, which makes me think that the things that draw young muslim men to jihad often aren't that different from the things that lead young white men to commit mass shootings.

I'll also share this tweet:

So I remain convinced that we need to try to fix our gun culture, and I'll keep trying to do that. I refuse to give up.

Moving on....

As we teeter on the brink of full scale Islamophobia here in the US, maybe we can reflect on a hero of the past who had the courage to stand against ethnic hatred.

Josh Marshall says some things about the state of white America that seem really smart to me. Actually, I think this ties in to the gun culture problem and the "angry white guy" shooting people problem we have, too, but I cannot really formulate a coherent point about that yet.

David Roberts on the media and Trump is insightful, but also a bit depressing.

People are stealing and copying the content of online courses. One downside of removing the gatekeepers is that at least the gatekeepers helped stop this sort of theft. Or maybe they just made the barrier sufficiently high that there was no profit in this kind of theft?

This teacher is really inspiring.

The story of the dress that women meteorologists around the country are wearing is funny, but also a little sad. My wardrobe certainly wouldn't stand up to the scrutiny their wardrobes get.

Jennifer Weiner coins the term "Goldfinching:" when a previously critically acclaimed book becomes popular with women and is now trashed.

Ginger shared this gift guide from Caitlin Hannah a few weeks ago, and holy cow, she's right. It is great.

This looks like an interesting tumblr.


Petunia was a huge fan of the garbage truck when she was a little bit younger, and I have to say, garbage men and women are the BEST about waving at little kids who are clearly fascinated by their work.

Speaking of trucks, this looks like fun:

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  1. I don't know what to say about another mass shooting either. But, I do know what I want to say about the 'meteorologist' dress. Here is my letter to Note the last paragraph about how on-air 'meteorologists' are really selected.


    I read your story with annoyance.

    Can you correct your story to make the distinction between
    on-air weather communicators, and meteorologists clearer?

    I know that, to the public, these on-air weather communicators
    are their main source of science news. But
    they are mainly journalism or communications majors
    with a few (if any) meteorology classes.

    A few, like some of the ones you quote in the story, are
    AMS-certified broadcast meteorologists (see link below),
    and a very few are bona fide meteorologists.

    But, the hundreds of of women pictured in the montage are
    mainly weather communicators selected for their uniform
    ethnicity, size and hairstyles. Their job descriptions
    and skill sets are very different from ours.
    Please don 't call them meteorologists unless
    they actually are one.

    BMGM, PhD
    (who has admitted to the AMS because I have a PhD in a related field and two AMS members vouched for for my technical skills and that my job is substantially meteorology.)


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