Friday, April 01, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Spring Break Edition

It is spring break week here. My parents are here entertaining the kids during the day, so I've worked a fairly full week. But I haven't read as much online, because I've been spending my down time socializing or grabbing some extra time with my kids.

Still, I have some links for you.

This New York Times article on the funding struggles of a start up aimed at women's health is... telling. Also, I can't stop laughing at the fact that someone once thought the "S.S. Napkin" was a good name for a line of sanitary pads.

The firing of a Nintendo employee targeted by the GG crowd is disturbing, even if the company claims it was for some other reason.

The oil and gas industry is causing a lot of quakes in Oklahoma... but not from fracking.

This article about people wanting power for autonomy, not to tell other people what to do, really resonates with me, and bears really thinking about if you run a team. How can we give more people the power of autonomy?

In defense of Aaron Burr. (My knowledge of revolutionary era American history isn't up to this... I may have to read some biographies!)

An app that tells you when you're at a location that features in a poem... very cool!

Does the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle explain Donald Trump's hard to pin down positions?

I love this:

Too. Much. Cute.

Happy weekend everyone. We're taking advantage of our short term live in babysitters to have a date night tonight, so I'm signing off early!


  1. Oh those elephants are just far too much cute!!

    Also power for autonomy? That was my career motto.

  2. Aurora7:13 PM

    I really like that article about power for autonomy - it makes all sorts of sense. Being able to make my own decisions about how I spend my day is way more important to me than telling other people what to do!

  3. Here's the thing about the Aaron Burr article: That's actually one of the outcomes I want from Hamilton--for more people to realize that history is interesting (particularly that era, which is my favorite) and that art can take liberties with accuracy in order to make a greater point. Which I firmly believe Hamilton does. I have an advanced degree in history. I know bad history when I see it. Hamilton is good art, not bad history.

    The other thing I want is more diverse casting and storytelling.

    I hope you had a great date night!


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