Friday, May 13, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Well, It Wasn't a BAD Stomach Bug Edition

Another week with no blog post. Bah.  I blame the stomach bug my six year came down with on Tuesday and gave to me. It wasn't a bad stomach bug, or at least it wasn't bad for us. All bodily fluids stayed where they belonged, but she was miserable with a stomach ache for a day and a half. My stomach was just a little dodgy for a bit, and I was wiped out.

I will say, though, that the one thing worse than wanting to throwing up and not being able to is watching your kid want to throw up and be unable to. Probably the "kiss and hug the poor thing" instinct this triggered in me is why I got sick and my husband (who sensibly kept his distance) did not.

Oh well.

Anyway, how about some links?

First of all... IT IS PRE-ORDER TIME!!! Yes, Don't Call it Bollywood is now available for pre-order. While you're checking out those links, admire the website redesign I completed last weekend.

Also, we're probably going to do the Twitter watch-along on June 2. Details still being worked out. If you're interested in joining us for that, you can still sign up to get the details by email.

And if you're sort of curious, but on the fence... the author has a blog that you can check out.

Another aspect of modern India: they are trying to clean up the Ganges. I find the format of that story incredibly annoying, but the content is worth the effort.

If you've seen the glowing posts about those signing gloves, read this alternative view.

On how to evaluate the validity of political labels:

Ta-Nehisi Coates' post about what happened when he and his wife tried to buy a new house felt like a punch to the gut. Maybe it his excellent writing. Maybe it is the knowledge that the thing that propelled him to fame was an article that was ultimately about unfair housing practices. I don't know. But damn. Those journalists should be ashamed of themselves.

Sarah Marshall wrote a thoughtful article about looking back, and rethinking, the "scandals" of the 90s. I always believed Anita Hill, and thought O.J. Simpson almost certainly killed Nicole. But Tonya Harding. Oh wow. We did not do right by her at all.

Speaking of women we aren't doing right by: Ann Friedman considers a tough week for sexual assault survivors.

That's a heavy way to end, so let's lighten it up with this cartoon:

and this nerdy Hamilton fun:

And for any other SoCal folks who might be visiting LA (or who live there): I want to check out all of these bars. And write a similar list for San Diego. Exhaustively researched, of course.

But... neither of those wishes is likely to come true. I can, perhaps, nibble around the edges, though, and plan my next trip to LA around one of those bars. I can also get some Saturday afternoon babysitting set up some week and pick one of the many outdoor San Diego bars to visit.

This weekend, though, I'll probably just go easy on my stomach.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Interesting links, it's horrifying to read the scandals from the 90s but I hope we're all at least talking about it a bit more these days and trying to make a change.

    If you're looking for awesome eating and drinking advice, I like Eater San Diego (they also have guides to most cities)

  2. EarthSciProf9:15 PM

    Hadn't seen that New Scientist comic. Painfully funny and passing it on to the 2 other faculty I'm sharing lab space with.

  3. I don't drink much anymore to avoid potential complications with my meds but I'm all for an outdoor, dog-friendly, bar. We went to one a couple months back and it was good loud fun.

    Meanwhile I think we've picked up that stomach bug :/


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