Friday, November 04, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Short on Time Edition

I went for my rollerblade early today, because I had to be back early, to take the kids to get their hair trimmed. So I'm short on time for this post, but as it happens, I don't have that many links, anyway.

My only political link: Chimamanda Adichie on what Hillary Clinton's fans love about her.

This article from Andie Fox about domestic violence is gut-wrenching and at the same time beautifully written. Here's the bit to remember most:

"Because every step of escape is a miracle – the pull of love, history and fear can be that strong. Because if your path crosses that of a woman, man or child fleeing violence, whether you are the police, the neighbours, or their boss, you want to hope that if you cannot actively assist, you at least are not an obstacle. Because escape is that fragile, that vital, that life-changing. Because children remember."

Lab safety at universities should be better. There is no excuse. (Warning, this article contains pictures from the University of Hawaii explosion scene.)

This old post from Paul Ford about being polite came across my feed today, and it was just what I needed.

It made me think of this quote from what may be my favorite dystopia novella ever. It would be a good thing to read to distract yourself from the election. Or, if you want something non-dystopic, this week's Tungsten Hippo recommendation did a nice job of distracting me for an hour or two last weekend.

Time vs. money, and a study finding that people who value the former more are happier. (I may have already shared this one. If so, apologies for the duplication!)

For the Cubs fans who weren't here to see the Cubs finally win. My Twitter feed during the final 30 minutes or so of that game was everything that is wonderful about Twitter. The nervous fans, the spouses of nervous fans, the rest of us just following along. It was glorious.

On Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks at the CMA... with a video of the performance if you want to see it.

Let's end with a cute bunny:

Or two.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. mary d10:13 AM

    The lab safety link was excellent. It is nothing new for those of us that work in the field. It's difficult, for all the reasons mentioned in the article. Thanks for sharing it -- I hadn't seen it before.


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