Friday, December 23, 2016

Weekend Reading: The Not as Happy as I'd Like Edition

I'm off work this week, so this post is getting thrown together in between family time and baking. I wish I had happier links this week, but the news isn't all that happy these days.

I do have one happy link: Xykademiqz is running a game to help promote Academaze. Join in the fun!

Also, I'm looking for submissions for Annorlunda Books' 2017 schedule.

And this link is helpful: some ideas for how to live more sustainably.

One of my Dad's friends sent me this link from the Phoenix area indie newspaper with more information about the human tragedy on the border. If you'd like to know more about why people like me are pessimistic about increased enforcement, this is a good article to read. Like I said last week, all I've seen increased enforcement do is drive people to take bigger risks and then more people die.

Here's a story from the LA Times about a new aspect of the migration problem: people are coming from farther away to try to enter via Mexico. There have been quite a few local radio news stories about the people in Tijuana trying to help people stranded there. I'll try to remember to share it the next time I come across one.

A warning from Turkey to guard the truth.

I agree with Josh Marshall: you don't have to be a Russia hawk to care about the hacking.

And Yochi Dreazen's article about the hack and its aftermath is really good.

I've been watching what is happening in North Carolina with worry. I have two links that talk about it: Jason Sattler on the War on Democracy and Andrew Reynolds on how poorly North Carolina scores on measures of democracy.

If you share my fear that what we are seeing in North Carolina is a preview of what is coming to the country as a whole, you might like to read about the lessons from ACT UP.

Here is an article about whether Wisconsin's voter ID laws had an effect on the election. I've started to put together a list of groups working to protect (and expand!) voting rights. I'll share the list when it is in a more complete state.

Looking to the women of the Supreme Court for guidance.

An interview with economist Branko Milanovic about inequality.

People have started writing articles trying to explain why so many of us are so freaked out right now:

Dara Lind's article at Vox is one I particularly like.

David Horsey's article in the LA Times is also very close to what I'm feeling.

Noah Berlatsky on how the rise in anti-Semitism is making him feel more conspicuously Jewish.

Sara Benincasa's post In Praise of Hopeful Rage was exactly what I needed to read earlier this week.

I've got a lot of other thinks bookmarked but not read, and it is time for family time... so they'll have to wait. Let's end with some fun.

This thread is awesome:

Time for some bunnies!

And I'll end with something appropriate for the approaching holiday:

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! And happy weekend to everyone.

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