Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Too Tired to Do It Right Edition

The news has worn me out this week. And I also had a lot going work-wise, so I'm tired and writing this post in the minutes before I need to go pick up my kids. It will be short.

Still, I have links.

First some publishing related news: I'm running a Kindle Countdown deal on Caresaway right now. Buy now before the price goes back up to normal!

Also, the paperback edition of Unspotted is out!

Finally, I'm really close to meeting this quarter's goal for Tungsten Hippo mailing list sign ups, so if you think a weekly email with a couple of short ebook recommendations, a quote, and short ebook related news sounds tempting, sign up now so that I can meet my goal and take a celebratory walk on the beach.

That's enough self-promotion. Here's some other people promotion: a friend of a friend is running a GoFundMe to send copies of Becoming Nicole, a book about a transgender youth, to Texas legislators. Chip in if you want to help educate Texas legislators about the people who will be harmed the "bathroom bill" they are contemplating.

The US doesn't actually have an immigration crisis right now.

If you're wanting more facts about the current state of immigration and some ideas for how to fix it, there's a Planet Money podcast on the subject. One thing I am ashamed to admit I did not know that I learned in that podcast: there is basically no legal way for an uneducated worker from Mexico to come here. According to an economist quoted on that podcast says such a person would need to wait 130 years to get a green card. That is essentially no chance.

Here's a story about the Tohono O'odham, whose sacred land is in the path of the planned border wall. We cannot undo our history of disregarding the land rights of the Native peoples of this country, but we could start respecting them now. I don't expect that this administration will, though.

You should also read this essay by a Navajo woman living in LA about answering when asked where she is from.

I can't say I feel much sympathy at all for Milo Y. John Scalzi sums it up rather well, but I confess I don't care why Milo is the way he is or why his follower follow him. I care about the people they are hurting, and I want our society to start holding them accountable for the damage they do.

Roxane Gay's post after Milo lost his book deal is worth your time, though.

I like the idea of a class on calling bullshit.

That's all I have. A lot more happened, but you can read about it somewhere else. Not because I don't care, but because I'm tired and it is time to get my kids.

Here's your bunny to end on, though:

Happy weekend!

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