Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekend Reading: The I'm Still Celebrating Edition

I am so happy that we saved the ACA! I know my efforts didn't make much of a difference: my Congressman was always against the repeal bill. But I'm still going to bask in this victory a bit, because we have a lot of hard fights ahead. We have to enjoy the ones win. Also, if millions of people keeping their insurance isn't cause for celebration, I don't know what is. 

(For the record, I know the ACA isn't perfect, and that some people still struggle to get good insurance they can afford. I want to see legislation that improves this situation, and I'll support such legislation, no matter which party introduces it. But the AHCA was not that legislation, not at all.)

Anyhow, I had a nice rollerblade and called it a victory lap.

On to the links.

Next week is the last week Caresaway will be in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you subscribe to that program and are tempted to read this book, now is your time!  On April 4, Caresaway will become available through, Kobo, GumRoad, and iBooks. You'll always be able to find the latest purchase links on the Caresaway homepage.

So, despite being really happy about the ACA not getting repealed, I don't have any links about that. Instead, here is a somewhat terrifying article about one group of scientists' roadmap for meeting the climate goal set by the Paris agreement. Add "we really need to stop using so much fossil fuels NOW" to the list of reasons coal jobs aren't coming back. I think that the sooner everyone acknowledges that, the better. Then we can move on to finding other industries that can bring prosperity to America's coal regions.

This Bloomberg article about conditions in Alabama's non-unionized auto parts plants is heartbreaking. 

Speaking of lies... turns out Eric Trump plans to report on the Trump Organization's financial status. There is no real separation between Trump the President and Trump the businessman, and that is bad for the rest of us.

And here's an appropriate quote a reader sent me:

"For many people the truth, it seemed, was what you wanted it to be, and if you asserted a falsehood long enough with sufficient conviction, then it would be believed, not only by those whom it was intended to deceive, but by you yourself. This enabled you to protest with real feeling when the fact was called into question."
 - Alexander McCall Smith in his novel The Bertie Project (44 Scotland Street Series)

Moving on...

This is a really interesting post about what might be going on with Trump and judges right now.

And now for the tweets. Here's a patch of California desert looking pretty:

Target does poetry:

All sorts of awesome:


Happy weekend, everyone. Also, next week is spring break here, and I'll be playing more than working, so don't be surprised if no links post shows up next week. You know you can always go check out Nicoleandmaggie's links if you're in need of reading.... 


  1. Thanks for the metalink!

  2. EarthSciProf10:16 AM

    Interesting that you came across the word saudade (and that terrific post). I also recently came across the word because I started (re)listening to the group "Thievery Corporation" and they have an album from a few years ago entitled "Saudade".

    Sorry about late comment... catching up on a few weeks of the interwebs.


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