Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekend Reading: The 100 Days Edition

I had such a nice rollerblade today! It was a bit windy, so I got more of a workout than usual, but the temperature was perfect and it was just a nice day to be out by the bay.

I also have some nice news to share: this week I signed a contract for my next children's book! In fact, I signed a three book contract. These will be easy readers with a science-y theme. The first one is about dinosaurs. I have no info on publication schedule yet. I'll keep you posted! I should probably also start paying attention to my children's books author site again!

Moving on to less happy topics...

David Remnick wrote a brutal survey of Trump's first 100 days at The New Yorker. I can't really argue with any of it.

Michelle Goldberg argues that we've gotten to the point where there's one standard for Republicans and one for Democrats, and that the only way out is for Democrats to promise to investigate every sleazy thing Trump does. I have a hard time finding anything to argue with there, either, although I wonder if the double standard is a function of Republicans vs. Democrats or just one party controlling the legislature and executive vs. not.

One thing we need to investigate as soon as we get a Congress willing to actually investigate: the use of official State Department websites to promote Trump's private club.

I was glad to see the second attempt at repealing the ACA fail. As I tweeted earlier (in response to this article from Greg Sargent), I wish the Republicans would face some facts on healthcare, take a deep breath, and try to actually fix things. Actually, I wish they'd do that on anything. The GOP leadership is living in a fantasyland, and that is not good for our country.

From the standpoint of politics, though, I think Josh Marshall is right that this second attempt provides some hefty ammunition against Republicans in 2018, even though it did not even get to a vote.

So, moving on from politics but staying at TPM: I also agree with Josh Marshall's assessment of the problem facing Fox News right now.

I like this article from Caitlin Fitzsimmons about how rest improves work.

I do not like the reason why larger sized clothes fit so poorly.

Hee hee:

This is fun: the same sentence, in English, going back through the years.

And here's your BUNNIES!!!

Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks to a sleepover for Pumpkin and my sister's kind offer to take Petunia for a night, we get a kid-free night tomorrow. We're going to go mattress shopping. We're so much fun! (We'll probably have a nice dinner out, too.)

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  1. EarthSciProf9:19 AM

    Glad to hear your roller blading was particularly good. Congrats on the book contracts! And thanks, as always, for some great links.


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