Friday, May 12, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Holy Cow What a Week Edition

I'm just back from a rollerblade, and my mood is roughly 97% better. I need to remember to consider the mood improvement factor when I'm deciding whether or not I have time for my Friday afternoon rollerblade. I think I should have taken the rollerblade last week, to do list be damned.

Anyway, I needed the mood improvement because yikes, the news is horrifying right now. But I'm going to share some links about it, anyway. Sorry.

James Fallows, who started his career during Watergate, wrote about why the current situation is worse.

Matt Yglesias wrote about why a "good" replacement for Comey won't fix the mess.

Dave Weigel wrote about the cynical "Merrick Garland for FBI director" idea.

David Roberts turned his tweetstorm about how we overanalyze Trump into an article and it is terrifying and also rings terrifyingly true.

In other topics...

There are 27 National Monuments at risk in the review Trump ordered. This article lists which ones and tells how to comment on whether they should be saved.

And here's how to comment on the proposed gutting of Net Neutrality.

This story about how a couple deals with a serious mental illness is really good.

The psychologist who taught us about implicit bias is now working on how to fix it.

Mika McKinnon wrote about the physics of gala gowns.

I haven't had a chance to read this piece with eight writers talking about how Anne of Green Gables influenced them yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Pumpkin and I are working our way through the series. We've just started Anne's House of Dreams.

For my fellow Hamilton fans:

And for my fellow rabbit fans:

Happy weekend, everyone, and Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating it.


  1. My take on the Comey firing is pretty close to David Roberts', with one difference: I think he was mad that Sally Yates was coming off well. But he'd fired her! And she's a woman! So he fired Comey (who he also was mad at). But I think Sally Yates is part of this anger equation.

  2. I'm still wondering where my full set of Anne books went. I read them so often that the cover glue (cheap paperbacks!) was dried up and the covers fell off.

    I hope both girls enjoy the read!


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