Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekend Reading: The Only Happy Things Edition

I have an extra couple of kids in my house today, and a to do list I don't think I'm going to finish. I haven't decided whether or not that means I have to abandon my plans to take the weekend completely off. It depends on whether I can get through all the "must do" items, I guess.

And my heart is hurting from the news this week. There is just too much terrible news this week.

So, this is going to be a short and unusual links post. I'm just going to share some things that made me smile this week.

First, though: I'm running a GoodReads giveaway for Hemmed In. Enter it for a chance to win a free paperback copy of Hemmed In!

This story about a little girl who saw a bride and thought she was a princess from a book cover she loves is sweet.

Auckland lights up for Matariki.

An indigenous viewpoint on a Van Gogh exhibition. This is really interesting, so it is my "if you only read one" recommendation this week.

People perpetuating national stereotypes in floods:

Wait for it... this is quite the subway performance.

Here are some beautiful bunnies:

Another bunny:

Happy weekend, everyone! Here's hoping that next week is less terrible.


  1. The black bunnies are really cool.

  2. The princess story is wonderful. I think I'm going to start a Twitter thread about kids and the odd adult books they latch onto before they can read. Baguette used to bring me this one thriller called Never Fear to read to her (she'd get bored about 20 words in, thankfully), and she'd ask for it by holding it out saying, "Never Fear, Mommy."

    Good advice, actually. I can't tell you anything about the book, though. I never did read it and have no idea where it is.


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