Friday, January 05, 2018

Weekend Reading: The Writing Another "Before the Job Starts" To Do List Edition

It is sort of surreal to be writing another list of things to do before starting a new job, when I just wrote such a list in November. But here I am, deciding what long put-off chores (e.g., cleaning out the garage) and must do items (e.g., getting my corporate taxes done) I'll try to do in my remaining "free" time before a job starts. I didn't make it through the last to do list before I started the job, but I did finish it before the end of 2017, so I get to write a brand new list!

Don't worry, I'm trying to leave space for some recreation, too. For instance, I went for a delightful rollerblade today, although it was a windy one. The wind was blowing in the marine layer, so I got to rollerblade into the marine layer, which was fun. A guy biking past asked me if I thought that was rain we were heading towards. I said no, it was just the marine layer and he looked at me funny. He must have been a tourist or a recent transplant to San Diego! There were also a lot of birds out today. I saw an egret and pelicans, which I don't think I've ever seen before at the bay. It was a good outing.

Anyhow, on to the links. I have some older ones stored up from last week, too, since I didn't write a weekend reading post last week.

This article by Max Boot about how he used to dismiss "white male privilege" but the Trump era has changed his mind is sort of extraordinary. I saw a lot of people on Twitter rolling their eyes a bit at the fact that it took a catastrophe like this to get him to listen to women and people of color about their lives, and I understand that response. But I also understand how hard it is to see the issues when the structure of society hides them from you, and I guess I am glad he (and others like him) are acknowledging what they can see now that Trumpism has ripped away some of the polite veneer and exposed the ugly attitudes that many people still hold.

I found Josh Marshall's perspective on 2018 very helpful. More generally, I've found his editorials and the explainer/synthesis of what we know pieces (available to TPM subscribers only, so I haven't linked to them) he's done in the last year very useful for keeping me from grounded about what is going on.

Someone finally did the "visit to anti-Trump country" piece, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it is less satisfying than you might think to read.

This article about a stepping show at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga is really good, and worth taking some time to think about.

Like many women, I found Eva Hagberg Fisher's "How I Learned to Look Believable" quietly devastating.

If you haven't read the Washington Post story about how Lucy Kalanithi and John Duberstein met and fell in love... you should. It is heart-breaking and beautiful and hopeful.

This piece about work-life balance at Patagonia is interesting.

I found this short Cool Mom Tech piece about raising good digital citizens useful.

The Belt Revivals series from Belt Publishing looks really interesting!

This podcast looks interesting!

I didn't listen to many podcasts this week, but I did listen to and enjoy Ezra Klein's interview with Jon Favreau.



Happy weekend, everyone

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