Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Reading: Another Short Edition

This post is going to be short: I have one of my best friends visiting from out of town, and spent the evening catching up with her.

Also, earlier today, my grandfather died. He was 99, and had been missing my grandmother, who died in March. They had been married 75 years and I think he didn't really want to be here without her. He was ready to go, but we will miss him dearly. I think we are all still processing the fact that he is gone. He had been getting more frail, but we had no advance warning that he was leaving so soon. Adjö, Grandpa. We miss you already.

So, I don't have much to say about my links today, but I do have some links.

I found this interview with two researchers about the Dutch biking culture really interesting.

The Texas Tribune did a deep dive on a town near the border with Mexico, and it is really worth your time.

Searches for voter registration info are at presidential election year levels. We don't know what the electorate will be like this year. So I am ignoring the polls and continuing to support as many races as I can with money and/or postcards.

I have a new podcast for recommended listening this week! Why Is This Happening, with Chris L. Hayes. I listened to the episode about social infrastructure, with Eric Klinenberg, and it really made me think.

Can we crowdsource to make this happen?

I liked this:



  1. I'm so sorry about your grandfather.

  2. Socal dendrite8:16 PM

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather. Married for 75 years is a remarkable achievement.


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