Friday, August 23, 2019

Weekend Reading: The End of Summer Edition

My kids go back to school on Monday. Today, instead of rollerblading I went to go see the performance at the theater camp they took to finish the summer. They did great! It was fun to watch them. They are both excited to start school. I'm looking forward to the easier schedule the school year brings, but also a bit sad that summer is over. Of course, we have another month or two of summer-like weather ahead, so I'm not too sad. Also, the crowds by the beach will get lighter, which makes my rollerblades more fun.

Anyway, to the links!

First, over at Adjusted Latitudes I posted the "awards show" summary of our recent vacation to PEI and Nova Scotia.

Next on my list is to get the pre-orders posted for The Boy Who Was Mistaken for a Fairy King and start recruiting more advance reviewers. There is still time to volunteer as an advance reviewer if you're interested!

In other links:

Apparently, my city is leading the state in using red flag laws to prevent gun violence. These laws only work if police and prosecutors are willing to use them, so I was glad to read that article.

And my state has a new law aimed at preventing police shootings that was introduced by a San Diego legislator.

My "if you only read one thing" pick this week is this Vox article about why we should switch to electric school buses.

I though Dahlia Lithwick did a good job of describing the effect of the Trump years on ordinary people.

Some great news about  kākāpō!

And here's a fluffy bunny to start your weekend off right!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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