Friday, October 04, 2019

Weekend Reading: The Oops I Don't Have Many Links Edition

Another Friday, another great rollerblade outing... this really is a wonderful time of year here.

Petunia's birthday was this week, so I've been busy with celebrations and visiting family. I went to my Feedly board where I save interesting links to share and found nothing! That is probably a reflection of less time reading articles in general, but I've also spent a lot of my article reading time catching up on the impeachment news, and I don't think I need to share that kind of article. If I find a particularly interesting or insightful analysis, I'll share it but I'm sure you are all capable of keeping up on the news on your own!

But I did write up the Cape Breton leg of our vacation, so that's something.

And luckily, I did have a few links saved in my Twitter favorites:

This article about how reflective pavements may cool cities but make pedestrians feel hotter is interesting.

Could we move to a four day work week?

And I had to drive to work, so I have some recommended listening: I thought Ezra Klein's conversation with Danielle Allen about democracy was really interesting and useful.

Here's your weekly bunny:

Happy weekend everyone!

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