Thursday, April 02, 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus, Snapshot #3

This will be a short post, but there is something I've noticed that I want to write about before I forget it. It is about how kids are cheering us grown ups on right now. The sidewalks around my neighborhood are all decorated with chalk drawings. Some of this is no doubt due to bored kids doing one of the few outdoor activities still available to them. But most of the clusters of decorations include an encouraging message. "Stay Positive!" said the chalk drawing on a wall I passed today. Other chalk drawings tell me "You can do this!" and other encouraging messages.

Not to be left out, Petunia went out a couple of days ago and wrote a poem in our driveway. Here is her message for us:

Even though the path is rough
You must continue to be tough
Even though you see no light
You must continue and fight

This is written in cheerful bright pink chalk. I wonder what our neighbors think!


In other news, we're planning a Zoom birthday party for Pumpkin, who turns 13 soon. My husband found an online trivia game she can play with her friends and she seems pretty excited for her party. After her "friends" party we'll have a separate Zoom hangout for family and other grown up friends.

We expect we'll also be celebrating out 15th wedding anniversary and possibly also my birthday in isolation. The kids told us tonight that we could go out for our anniversary dinner... in our backyard. They would be our waitstaff. We may yet hold them to that!


We've decided that Thursday nights are takeout nights. We've done this twice so far. Both times I have gone to pick up our dinner, because I'll wear a mask. My husband is still coming around to the idea of wearing one. Both times, I have been impressed with how well the restaurant has set up for take out. It definitely feels less fraught than grocery shopping.


I'm taking tomorrow off from work. The kids are on spring break and wanted a day to hang out together. I also think I could use a day to try to get myself into a better headspace for the long haul. I need to spend my leisure time in a way that is more revitalizing. I have realized how much I relied on my Friday afternoon rollerblades to release the stress of the week. Without that, and with extra stressors, I am struggling a bit. I think we're supposed to have a nice day tomorrow, so I want to spend some time hanging out under our avocado tree, sorting things out in my head.

Pumpkin has a special walk route she wants to take tomorrow, and Petunia is planning for some extra cuddle time. It should be nice.


That's all I have tonight. Leave any snippets from your life that you want to share in the comments!

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