Sunday, December 11, 2022


I finally made my job decision. After much agonizing, I decided to take the promotion at my current company. It was a really hard decision, and I don't think I'll ever really be certain it was the best decision, but it was the one that felt most right. I decided it gave me the most chance for growth and also for feeling like I have true ownership of something. 

The interviewing and deciding process was a weird experience. I realized that the last time I'd had to really choose between career options like this was when I took my first job out of graduate school. All my previous moves had either been forced by layoffs or driven by a really strong need to change due to something outside work. This was purely a job/career driven thing and it turns out that made me really uncomfortable. That's something for me to think about! 

Anyway, the decision is made and I'm settling into my new role. 

One downside of this decision is that I don't get to take a few weeks off between jobs. I was going to use it to take care of some things around the house. Instead, I will only have a little over a week that I can take off around Christmas. Hopefully, that will be enough time to get some of the long-standing items off my to do list and also have some true downtime.

Another decision I've made is to move away from using Twitter. It is sad, because there was a time when I learned a lot from Twitter. I will miss the way it would show me new things to think and learn about and how it helped me find smart people to learn from. But that Twitter has been fading for awhile now, and the latest events there have made scrolling my timeline feel unpleasant. So I'm pulling back and I think I'll eventually delete the app from my phone and then lock and ignore my accounts.

Before I stop using it altogether, I need to develop new habits for finding and reading news and other things of interest to me. I've been trying out Post, and I think it has promise but it is not a full replacement yet (I'm there under my real name - if you are on Post and want to find me and cannot, send me an email and I'll send you the account name). I've considered reviving my Tungsten Hippo tumblr account and seeing if that has some of what I miss about the old Twitter. But I'm also going to be consciously less online. I'd like to write more longer things, here and elsewhere. I'd like to read more books and magazines. And I suspect spending less time online will also help with the "clear some long-standing items off my to-do list" goal.

I actually have more things I'd like to say about the "read more books" goal - but I have publishing royalties to pay, chores to do, and a school career week presentation to prepare and show to Petunia so that she can confirm I will not embarrass her terribly... so I'd best get to those things. I won't be tweeting out blog post links after this one, so if you want to make sure you don't miss my occasional ramblings here, I'd recommend setting up an RSS reader, just like we all used to do back in the pre-Twitter days! I use Feedly and like it, but I'm sure there are other options.


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I’m using Mastodon the same way I used to use Twitter. 15-20% of the people I followed or who followed me on Twitter are on Mastodon.

    1. I haven't set up on Mastodon, mostly because it feels like I'd be trying to exactly replace Twitter and that's not what I want. I want the parts I liked about Twitter (learning things, finding interesting new ideas) without the parts I don't like (viral drama, addictiveness). I may yet end up getting a Mastodon account, but am taking a pause first to think about what I actually want and how I should spend my time.

  2. Congratulations on the decision! I hope it'll be all the good things you've hoped and none of the possible bad things you might have imagined. (yes that's idealistic but what are wishes for?)

    I'm sorry we won't see you on Twitter anymore, I'm still sticking it out for a bit because it's such a valuable resource and connection to people I wouldn't be able to learn from or connect with otherwise. And I have no idea how to replace the ability to unobstrusively share cool things we're doing that other people might want to join in.

  3. Congrats on making the job decision and happy holidays!

  4. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Off topic— we have a little cousin staying at our Airbnb and the only bedtime story we had on DC2’s kindle was The Zebra Said Shhh. Cousin got super excited— I have that book! I love that book! Right now she’s reading it to DH. I think we got it for her older brother back when it came out. —nicoleandmaggie

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  6. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Nice post thank you Carmen


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