Friday, April 25, 2008


I love cheese. It was the thing I missed the most during our travels in Asia. I missed it so much that I ordered fried cheese at a bar in Tokyo, even though I suspected it wouldn't bear much resemblance to American fried cheese (I was right: I received fried tofu balls with a little bit of cheese inside).

So it has been hard on me to watch my daughter refuse cheese. How can she not love the stuff? I cut myself several slices, and sit down to eat it in front of her while she is in her high chair for dinner or lunch. She points to my cheese, because she always points to what I'm eating. I give her a piece, she squishes it in her little hand and then shoves it away.

Tonight, I got smart. She seems to only want to feed herself things that aren't squishy, so I cut myself several slices of the least squishy cheese I could think of- Parmesan. And she ate it. And wanted more.

Anyone know of a non-squishy meat?


  1. My little one did not seem to like cheese at first, either. But then we discovered that she likes cheese with a lot of flavor and in big chunks, not little slices.

    Sometimes it's all about the presentation, isn't it? ;-)

  2. Your baby won't eat cheese? Wow. I can't help you there. Because we have to, every damn day, go through an elaborate routine where we try to convince Munchkin that there is **no more cheese anywhere in the house** before she'll consent to stop yelling and eat something else. For realz. Yikes.


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