Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sippy Cup Showdown

My excitement last week was premature. The day after she drank 4 ounces of breastmilk from her bottle with a sippy top, she spilled an entire bottle by throwing it from her highchair in a fit of pique, presumably due to her displeasure with said sippy top. So I went back to the store and bought yet another type of cup. This one (the Nuby) has a soft sippy spout. I sent her first "bottle" in it today, and she drank it all. And then she drank another couple of ounces from the cup later in the day. I was pretty excited when I saw that on our daily report, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. We'll see what she does tomorrow. I'm not sure there are any other types of cups that we can try if this one falls out of favor, though.

She continues to frustrate us on the eating front, too. This afternoon, she wanted me to hand over anything I was eating, but mostly she just played with it once I handed it over. She did take a couple little bites of cheese before crumbling the slice up into little pieces, though. I spend most of the time she is "eating" crawling around on the floor picking up the food she has dropped or tossed aside.

To be fair, she has two molars coming through right now, and is getting over a truly horrible cold that gives her dramatic coughing fits. I had the cold, too, and know that it was no fun. She has been in a much better mood than I have been though the cold. Tonight, she amused us through dinner by going over to the glass door that looks into our backyard and holding an animated conversation with the birds outside. Of course, the only "word" that was even close to recognizable was "buh" (for bird), but I could have sworn I heard her mimicking the sound the doves we get in our backyard make. She made her mouth into an "O" and drew air in to make a soft "oooo" sound. I wouldn't swear that she realized what she was doing, but I was still impressed. However, that might just be because I needed something to cheer me up after failing to get her to eat anything except for sweet potato puffs, freeze-dried yogurt bites, and goldfish for dinner.


  1. My daughter did that, too.

    Try sipping out of the cups. Some take a surprisingly strong suck to get just a few drops. No wonder babies get frustrated with them.

    We had the best luck with "the First Years" cups with the one piece lids. No little parts, easy to clean, leak-resistant (but not leak-proof), but easy to sip from. Kids don't upend them because they don't get frustrated.

    Her daycare center used the same one. Learn from those more experienced than you.

    Be sure to get the reusable ones made of thicker plastic instead of the new flimsy ones.

  2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    That cracks me up. We went through probably six different kinds of sippy cups before finding one that suited little miss Mimi. I then gave the whole selection to a friend, telling her to try them all before going out and buying some for herself.

  3. Yeah, The First Years "Take and Toss" cups are Pumpkin's favorite for water. If we give her milk in one, though, she throws it across the room. I think she has strong expectations of what the fluid coming out of any given container should be....

  4. I gave up on sippies pretty early. Our Pumpkin loves straw cups, but we haven't tried anything but water in them. I have a friend who's baby never took a bottle or sippy. They had to go straight to open cups, but small kid-sized ones.

    Good luck to you guys! I hope she discovers the joy of finger foods soon, too! And the molars are a nightmare.


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