Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Sounds of Old Macdonald

I had no idea that animal sounds could be so cute. Here is a selection of sounds, a la Pumpkin:

1. A rooster says "oodle-doodle-do".

2. A cat says "ee-ow".

3. A dog says "uff, uff".

4. A pig makes a strangled choking sound that only a parent (or grandparent) would claim sounds like "oink, oink".

5. And my favorite- a zebra says "ssshhhhh", with you finger to your lips. (This is because my Mom, who was teaching Pumpkin these sounds over the weekend, couldn't think of what sound a zebra makes quickly enough. Pumpkin now puts her finger to her lips and says "sshhhh" every time she sees a picture of a zebra. It is too cute to correct. I can't wait to tell Pumpkin to be quiet like a zebra.)

Pumpkin has also learned what to do when the phone rings. If the phone rings, she puts her hand to her ear and says "ell-o". She also does this if she sees me using my Blackberry, which is interesting, because I don't actually use the Blackberry as a phone. Clearly, someone does. Maybe one of the other parents she sees at day care?

1 comment:

  1. How cute! I love the animals noises! Maybe you should get her a blackberry? hehe.

    In our house, the sheep, horse and frog all sound like coughing noises, with slight variations. Our Pumpkin's pig is "oo-ee oo-ee" and we make the same noise for zebra as we do a horse. It's just a kind of horse, right? But that's not as cute as "shhh." hehe.


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