Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Some Random, Unrelated Things

I've been having false labor pains for several hours. I know they are false because the feeling of contraction and the pain never occur at the same time. I remember enough about my first labor to know that these are not "real". (Of course, they still hurt, and tired as I am right now, I don't see the point of trying to go to bed while this is going on.)

About an hour ago, I remembered that I'd actually had something similar last time- pains strong enough to make me start timing them, but that didn't ever turn into real labor. I can't remember how long it lasted- I think about 6 hours. And more importantly, I can't remember how long after the false labor my water broke. I think it was at least a week.

If only I'd written these things down, I could torment myself with that (probably irrelevant) information now. So here I am, writing them down this time. But of course, I'm not planning on ever being pregnant again, so this is pretty useless. At least it is distracting me.


I have realized that I left some incredibly cute things out of my recent post on cute things Pumpkin says:
  • They aren't bunny rabbits. They are "rabbit bunnies".
  • "Just a little bit", said while holding her thumb and forefinger together and squinting her eye, after being refused something. As in "I need to watch the Muppets, just a little bit, though".
  • "Daddy said no to me!" Said in shock and horror, after her Daddy does indeed say no to her.

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