Monday, September 07, 2009

Worth It

Tonight was one of those nights that reminds me why I had a baby in the first place.

One of the quirks of living near Mission Bay is that we hear the Sea World fireworks- they go every night in the summer, at 8:50 on weeknight and 9:50 on Saturdays. We can't see them from our house, but we definitely hear them. Pumpkin enjoyed watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July, so we decided that we should take her down to the bay to see the Sea World fireworks some time. Here it is, the end of summer (a funny designation here in San Diego, where September may be the best month of the year, but we still observe the formalities), and we hadn't done it yet. We tried on Friday night, but the fireworks were moved later due to the long weekend. Pumpkin took the disappointment well, but we knew we had to try again, even though it would mean a later bedtime on a "school night".

We took Pumpkin down to the bay tonight, and it was without a doubt worth the late bedtime. She talked excitedly about the trip from the minute Hubby told her of our plans. On the way down to the bay, she told us that "if there are no fireworks tonight, we'll go straight home and snuggle with Mommy" (this is what happened on Friday), and she told us how she'd say "good one!" when she saw fireworks.

We got to the bay a few minutes before the fireworks started, and sat at a table to wait. Pumpkin hugged the blanket we'd brought to cover her, and told us how there were cars driving on the road (the freeway, behind us), and how that was the bay in front of us.

And then the fireworks started. Pumpkin's eyes got big, and she said "good one!" Then she said "what's that?" because she'd never been close enough to hear the boom of fireworks before. We told her it was the fireworks, and for the rest of the show, she told us "it says 'BOOM!'" and "good one!" She liked the ones that crackled ("they say 'ssssss'") and the ones that were different colors.

The show only lasted between 5-10 minutes, and Pumpkin loved every minute of it.

Then we came home and she snuggled with Mommy, and was asleep a mere 20 minutes later than usual. Definitely worth it.

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  1. That's awesome! Moments like that totally make it all worthwhile.


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