Sunday, June 27, 2010


We took a half day from work on Friday, and went to the San Diego County Fair with Pumpkin, Petunia, and my parents. (Hurray for the Mazda 5- we only had to take one car!)

Last year, Pumpkin wouldn't touch any of the animals in the petting zoo, although she did consent to touch Hubby's hand while he pet a sheep. I thought for certain that this year, she would pet some animals. I was wrong. They are still too scary.

However, she loved the rides in the kiddie section. She went on whirly dogs and boats, climbed up an obstacle course and slid down a two story slide. And she rode on the Ferris wheel "or "Paris wheel", as she calls it). When she asked to ride on the Ferris wheel, we were near a little one, and asked her if that is the one she wanted to ride. No. She wanted to ride the big one she could see sticking up above the other rides. Hubby went on it with her. Here is the view from the top.

She had a blast.


  1. We always loved the San Diego Co. Fair, only it will always be the Del Mar Fair to me.. Just a nicer ring to it! :D

  2. This is timely - I just had Rosie on a "spinning wheel" (a.k.a. Ferris wheel) yesterday too! And she went on a pony ride all by herself. She's totally fearless of things like rides and animals though.

    And, related by not really, we had a very lovely San Diego holiday planned for the fall of 2009, when I was about 6 months pregnant, as a last holiday before the new baby. We ended up canceling the whole thing due to the H1N1 scare. I was pregnant, and as such extra paranoid (not afraid of the location we were going, but of the germy flight), and the vaccination didn't come out until late October. By the time we were all vaccinated, I'd had leaking amniotic fluid and a low lying placenta and was then too paranoid to travel because of that. So we never went. But I still would love to go visit the San Diego area one day. Your post about the fair made me wish we had just gone.

  3. That's so fun! And a two-story slide? Wow!

    My girl went on her first rides just a few weeks ago when we were on vacation, including the ferris wheel! She is a thrill seeker, so she LOVED it.


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