Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner during Dora: Picky Eater's Green Beans

I have written before about being a picky eater, and how I don't actually like the taste of most vegetables. Despite this, I try to include a vegetable with every dinner- I know that they are good for me, Hubby likes them, and we want to set a good example for Pumpkin (even though she usually won't eat the vegetables I serve).

This means that I have a collection of quick recipes to make vegetables palatable to me. The second recipe in my Dinner during Dora series is one of my favorites- green beans cooked in a little orange juice.

Green Beans in Orange Juice


Green beans- frozen or fresh will work
~1 tsp butter (optional- I don't really measure how much I use, and I think the beans would be fine without this)
~1/2 cup orange juice, or orange-tangerine juice (I use whatever I have on hand for my breakfasts)
Garlic salt


If you're using fresh green beans, snap them.

Put the green beans into a microwave safe dish that has a lid. Pour orange juice on top, and put a pat of butter on them. Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper.

Put in the microwave. For frozen beans, microwave for about 3 minutes, stirring after 1.5 to 2 minutes. For fresh beans, you'll probably only need to microwave then for about 2 minutes, stirring after a minute.

(The exact times will depend on your microwave, how many beans you make, and how mushy/crunchy you like your beans. The times above are for a sort of crappy microwave, enough beans for 2-3 people, and doesn't make the beans very mushy.)

I serve these with a lot of different things, including the Bacon, Corn and Cheese rice that was my first Dinner during Dora post.

Source: The basic idea came from the Lemony Green Beans recipe in my Cooking Light Superfast Suppers cook book.

Who eats it: Hubby, me, and Petunia. Pumpkin has so far refused to try these. Petunia seems to really like them, even as cold leftovers.


  1. These look really tasty and easy. My favorite combination! Great recurring post idea.

  2. I don't have a blog, but I thought I'd share one of my quick meals. I am also a picky eater (my MIL hates this and doesn't understand) so I dislike a lot of things. I like your blog (makes me feel better as a science mom) and look forward to more Dinner with Dora recipes.

    This is an adaptation for sloppy joes since I don't like BBQ or most tomato-y sauces.

    Brown 1 lb. hamburger (or ground turkey, etc). I usually add a little pepper and garlic powder while browning. Then mix in a can of either cream of celery soup or chicken with rice/stars soup. Heat. Serve on buns- I usually add a slice of cheese.

  3. That sounds delicious, actually!

    Munchkin will not eat vegetables. Period. I'll keep trying, but I'm pretty much resigned to it, for at least the foreseeable future ...

  4. @Mimi- Pumpkin won't eat veggies, either. The most vegetable-like substance that she'll eat is sweet potato fries.

    I'm not too stressed about it, because I was the same way. The only vegetable I'd eat when I was a kid was corn. I didn't add in carrots and zucchini until college. The other veggies that I'll eat came in grad school. And I still can't stand peas.

    Pumpkin will nibble on a spinach leaf. She calls it her "salad". But she won't actually eat it. Raw spinach is actually the least bitter green vegetable, in my opinion.

  5. Oh, and hi and thanks, @Julie and @microbiologist xx! @Julie, I didn't care for BBQ sauce for years. I like it now. But I still don't eat ketchup on my burgers.

  6. @Julie - That recipe reminds me of one my MIL makes. She just browns hamburger meat with salt and pepper and a little bit of flour. They serve it on buns with tomato slices (Although I eat it just on the plate alone.) It's actually very good!

  7. This sounds really good! I'll have to try it (and I love green beans!)


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