Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Reading: The Parenthood Edition

I didn't really mean to disappear this week, but life comes before blogging, so I did. We have reinstituted a  modified version of our chores schedule, and this was our week to clean. We have more time for chores in the evenings now, because we have started giving the girls their baths together, so while one parent is supervising the bath, the other can be doing chores. But on the other hand, on the nights when Petunia doesn't go down easily, the bedtime routines can consume a solid hour of at least one parent's time.

I think, though, that we'll be changing that chores schedule again soon, because, as a result of a week-long argument frank and open discussion about division of labor in our household, Hubby has finally given up compromised and is willing to have the cleaner come in twice a month. I've been debating whether to blog about that argument. On the one hand, why would anyone want to read about someone else's argument- and an argument about chores, to boot? On the other hand, reading some of the comments on Moxie's post this week about ending a marriage makes me think that maybe it would be interesting to write about what marriage is really like. I think Hubby and I have a very good, strong marriage. But that doesn't mean that it is all roses and buttercups here all the time. To be fair, though, the argument only went on for multiple days because we were too tired/busy to sit down and really discuss things in any one night.

Anyway. I do still have a few things to suggest you read this week. Here they are:

First up, this article in Slate about how children learn (sent to me by Bad Mom, Good Mom) was interesting, and made me feel better about the fact that I don't care whether or not the day care I have Pumpkin in spends much time teaching her things. They have a good set up for play, and that has always seemed more important to me at this age.

I started reading Hilahil's blog when I figured out that she was a fellow Moxie-reader in San Diego. She had a post up last week (which I only got to read this week because I've been so busy) with an amazing video about girls and being pretty. Go watch it. You'll be glad you did.

Finally, Anna Quindlen's post on the Motherlode was great, and just what I needed to read in the week in which I learned that my baby (my BABY) is about to move up to the 18 month old room at day care. You know, because she's 18 months old.


  1. That article on how kids learn was great, now I've got all sorts of new ideas for how to present things! Plus the refrain of "You will never be merely pretty!"...that was one fabulous poem! Thanks so much for the links.

  2. "Life comes before blogging" indeed! (Hence, I'm finally catching up on blogs after a weeklong absence). Looking forward to devouring those links soon.

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