Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Reading: The Judging on Superficial Characteristics Edition

I'm still not feeling all that great, so this week's weekend reading post will be a short one. But I have a few links for you, all about the joys and perils of judging things superficially.

First up, the perils: Marion Nestle had an interesting post up about the German E. coli outbreak. Apparently they are now saying it was the sprouts- organic sprouts at that. She explains how sprouts can get contaminated, and why that "organic" label that so many people rely on isn't really any protection from food borne illnesses.

Next, the joys: my husband sent me a link to an article that pretty much summarizes how we choose wines: by their labels.

Finally, something you really should judge by appearances: my friend is starting up a baking business, and has recently decided to out some effort into setting up an Etsy store selling her delightful cupcake toppers. She's also running a contest on her blog, giving away some cupcake toppers. Some of you may remember that she did the cupcakes for Pumpkin's birthday party this year. They were delicious as well as cute! If you're in San Diego, and need a cake or cupcakes- check her out. And if you're not in San Diego, she'll ship those cupcake toppers!


  1. Anonymous4:49 AM

    that periodic table is adorable

  2. The wine label post is awesome. I'm going to have to repost that.

    I believe we are Diluted French mainly

  3. I loved the wine label article! I just checked my wine cabinet and I'm about half Active Animal and half Letterpress, with a few of the other kinds mixed in here and there. Seriously, the Letterpress Malbec I just enjoyed while catching up on blogs was just lovely. Must have been the label.

  4. I had to share that wine label article with my DH, who is both a wine snob, and a devotee of blind tastings. He's been known to have guests over who swear they "hate merlot" (what a stupid thing to say, and yes, we've also seen the movie "Sideways"), so he gives them a blind tasting of some reds. Guess which one they pick as their favorite... the merlot, natch! I should do a post about it sometime.

  5. Thanks for the shoutout! Its all starting to come together, I'll have some big news for you on Thursday :)


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