Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekend Reading: The Posts That Make Me Smile Edition

My work week ended on a bit of a sour note- in my last meeting of the day I learned that we have a major configuration problem that probably dates to the earliest days of the company, that we must fix for software licensing reasons, that will be a major undertaking to fix requiring at least one weekend of work, and that will be completely invisible to the users, who are already asking us to do more than we can possibly finish this year.

Good times. I can't wait to explain this one to my boss!

And then I showed up to get the kids at day care, and found out that Petunia had spiked a fever in the last 30 minutes, which really screws up our plans for this weekend. Oh well.

So I don't feel like writing up any deep and thought-provoking posts tonight. Instead, I give you a few posts that made me smile:

First, Tragic Sandwich recalls the time she walloped some kid with her lunchbox. This made me smile because I also did that in first grade. I wonder if Pumpkin has that in her future? It will be less of a deal with the soft-sided lunch boxes that are popular now. I had a metal one. (No one remembers why I hit the kid, but my parents do remember that my teacher said he deserved it.)

Next, Bad Mom, Good Mom writes about two nerds driving up a mountain, followed by the equally smile-inducing post about some nerds going for a hike.

Finally, I happened across an old post of mine about Pumpkin's early fascination with ducks. This one made me smile because we still have those ducks, and the kids play with them in the bath. Well, Daddy Duck had to be swapped out for a different duck in a top hat, because the original's bottom fell off. Luckily, we're not superstitious about that sort of thing.

Happy weekend!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Sorry your weekend plans got screwed up with your daughter's illness. LegoLand is awesome by the way, so thanks for reminding me about it. So perfect for 2-5 year olds! We opened the park up and shut it down.

    1. We still had a good weekend- we hit the Birch Aquarium and Fleet Science Museum instead. Those are smaller attractions, closer to home, so easier to abandon if Petunia got grumpy.

      I'm glad you had fun here! Legoland is the best of the big attractions for the toddler to preschooler set, I think.

  3. Hm, the direct to Tragic Sandwich doesn't work.

    The first (and not the last time) I whacked a kid he deserved it and I remember exactly why but I just used my fists. Wish I'd had a lunchbox ;)

    And every time I started a new school, some boy thought it'd be funny, and easy, to push around the tiniest girl in class. He'd immediately learn that she'd hit back, really hard. Oddly enough, the bully never did tell on me after he slunk away so I never got in trouble. Nor did I have trouble with him or his friends after that.


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