Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Second Fix

I got my second Stitch Fix last weekend. I don't think I'll post after every fix comes in, but I feel like posting about this one. Prepare yourself for another round of crappy fashion photos...

I have to say, I find getting the Stitch Fix box a lot of fun. It is like opening a present, even though I'm ultimately the one who pays for the present. So sort of like opening a gift from my husband, except it is clothes instead of some practical gadget. I guess I just like the element of surprise.

When I opened this box, I thought I was going to end up keeping all of the items. They all looked "right" for me. Sadly, when I tried them on, I realized it was not to be- one of the items just didn't fit. It was a dress in a wonderful shade of brown and I was genuinely disappointed when it didn't work. But it was so tight across my chest/back that I was worried I'd rip it taking it off. And once I knew I'd be sending one item back (and therefore forfeiting the discount), I looked at everything a little more critically.

So I ended up sending back this white draped top, which seemed like it should look great on me... until I tried it on. I ended up thinking it just had too much volume for me, making me look top heavy.

This top looks better in the picture than it did in real life
I kept the other three things in my box, though.

The first winner was a sleeveless sweater/vest. I first tried it on as a sleeveless sweater, and was unconvinced:

But then I looked at the style card and decided to try the other style it suggested, and then I loved the sweater:

And so did my kids. You can't see it from the above pictures, but the sweater has metallic threads woven into it.

My girls looked at it, pronounced it "sparkly" and said it was the best thing in the box. I am inclined to agree with them.

I also decided to keep the oversize but lightweight teal cardigan:

I couldn't find an outfit using this cardigan that I really loved, but I did love the color and so I decided to keep it and assume that eventually I'll find the right combination.

Finally, there was a pretty silver necklace, which I also kept without any specific ideas of how I would wear it.

All in all, I thought this was a successful Fix. I am definitely enjoying having things in my closet that I actually really like without having had to actually shop for those things, so I will sign up for another one at some point. The thing I most need right now, though, are pants, and as Laura Vanderkam has already mentioned, Stitch Fix doesn't have many pants in their collection, so I will take a break from getting the Stitch Fix boxes and maybe look into trying out a personal shopper. It is one of the items on my 2013 Personal Fun List, after all.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    One of my colleagues has a cardigan made out of the material of that sleeveless sweater, I think. It looks really nice.

    I like the black top under that aqua cardigan.

    Too bad Stitch fix can't take your measurements and send pants.

    Next week I SWEAR I am going to take my suit-pants that need to be hemmed into a tailor. I've picked out a tailor and everything. And then I will have two more suits for teaching next semester.

    1. The note that came with this fix said they were working on adding pants- so maybe soon.

  2. I love your stitch fix posts so I hope you'll continue with the posts! This seems like such a great way to get some variety in your wardrobe.

    I love the fabric on the sweater vest.

  3. I also love your Stitch Fix posts. I'm their ideal client. Pants are easy for me since having kids (my thighs shrunk), but I can never find tops because I'm broad shouldered, smaller chested, and am shorter on top. We'll see if they find me some tops when I get my fix in April!

  4. scantee10:44 AM

    I signed up for Stitch Fix after your first post and was put on a waiting list for about a month. In that time, I learned I would need to have a professional head shot taken for work. One Saturday, I scoured the stores looking for a new pair of pants to wear in my picture but found absolutely nothing. I went home feeling completely defeated only to find my first Stitch Fix box with a pair of pants* that fit perfectly. Hooray!

    I was very impressed with everything else they sent; it was all my style and fit very well.

    *I can see that pants would be the most difficult thing to find the right fit. The pants they sent me were very stretchy and tight so they seem very forgiving of different body types. A more tailored pant probably wouldn't work for this type of thing.

    1. Skirts are so much easier for me to find a good fit than pants are. Don't forget about skirts. They're super flattering on my XL frame, and I'll note that Joan from Mad Men looks like a goddess in skirts and dresses, never pants.

    2. scantee9:02 AM

      I'm a skirt lover as well because I have a hard time finding pants that fit right because my legs are really long and thin (a generally enviable problem to have, I'm aware).

      My fix included a really nice wrap dress that I didn't end up keeping only because I have several wrap dresses and I couldn't justify paying the price they wanted for yet another one.


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