Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend Reading: The Glory of Great Content Edition

I just have a few links for you this week. Quality over quantity.

In fact, that is one of the messages of my first link, which is an open letter from Amanda Peyton to Bryan Goldberg, the guy who founded Bustle. If you somehow missed the discussion around that, there are links in her post.

I like Peyton's post because I miss the long articles that would educate me about random topics that I used to read in the Smithsonian magazine, before they switched format and also got my subscriptions so thoroughly merged with my mother's subscription that we ended up cancelling our irretrievably merged subscription in disgust.  I guess this is what the whole "longreads" thing is trying to bring back. I haven't explored that much. It is also probably why I enjoy short non-fiction eBooks so much. I love a good, long article length read about a topic I had never considered before. For example, I am currently reading a short eBook about The Fearless Mrs. Goodwin, a early 20th century police matron turned detective.

It doesn't sound like Goldberg's new venture is going to bring me things like that, and I don't really need another source of articles telling me how to lose my belly fat or whatever, so, like Peyton, I am not enthused.

Next, I love this post by AnnMaria De Mars about what she's learned in 55 years. There is much awesomeness in it, but I particularly like the last line: "There isn’t an age limit for having a good life." (I clicked over to her "about" page, and honestly, she sounds pretty cool, and I want the sort of retirement she is having.)

This post about a little boy who likes pink and is learning that he'll have to hide that just about broke my heart. We have had to correct Pumpkin a few times about "boys don't wear pink." She got this idea entirely from her peers- and the wider culture that pretty much never shows a boy wearing pink, or liking sparkly things. Gah.

And let's go out on something fun. Or fun-ish. Mr. Snarky thinks this would have been the best Star Trek episode ever. I am not sure I agree, but I will let you make your own decisions.

And, also from Mr. Snarky, a video that gives new meaning to the term "sheeple"

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Zenmoo11:37 PM

    That sheep protest looks suspiciously like it was filmed close to where I am right now... Bob Parker is the current Mayor of Christchurch is you were wondering who he is.

  2. The entire "What I've Learned in the First 55 Years" series by De Mars is just amazing! What a great woman!

    I feel like a lazy underachieving slob when reading about her life -- world judo championship, 4 kids, PhD and an amazing career. Wow!


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