Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Reading: The Do It for the Kids Edition

Like pretty much everyone with an internet connection, I was touched by the #SFBatKid thing today. If you somehow managed to miss it, SFGate (or the Gotham City Chronicle) has the story.

This was probably my favorite picture from the day. I love that his little brother got to play along, too.

And this tweet... well, this tweet made me cry a little:

He is right. I saw so many tweets about this event restoring faith in humanity and the like.

So what I wish we could do is harness that big-heartedness that made a bunch of people create the best day ever for one little kid, and try to create better everydays for all little kids.

We can start by letting them be who they are, and not let our grown-up issues get in the way.

We could make sure they can eat, and restore full funding to SNAP. Reading the stories about the people who rely on food stamps, it makes me angry how quickly we have all moved on after the program's funding was cut. In the meantime, here is a nice holiday campaign to help out some vulnerable families. (h/t to AskMoxie for posting about the campaign.)

But really, what I want most is for the love and support that Batkid got today to be there for every kid, everyday, even if it doesn't always manifest in such a flashy way.

And that's all I have for this week.

Oh, OK, that and someone trash-talking The Sound of Music. Just because I am still scarred by playing in the pit orchestra for a production of it in high school.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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