Friday, November 01, 2013

Weekend Reading: The Science Edition

In a major mommyblogging fail, I neglected to include the absolute cutest Halloween story in yesterday's post: Petunia came home from trick-or-treating and dumped her bucket of candy on the sofa. She picked through and found the candy she doesn't like. She pronounced it "yucky" and asked to trade it. I asked her what she wanted to trade for, and she said "mommy." I asked her what she meant, and she told me that she wanted one kiss for every piece of rejected candy. I made the trade.


Now... on to this week's links, which are all about science this week.

First up, I really liked this article about techniques researchers are using to help autistic people better understand neurotypicals. I particularly like the point that neurotypicals could also use some help better understanding autistic people. I think that is very true, and if anyone out there knows of a good resource for that, please leave it in the comments.

Science writer Tara Haelle has written a comprehensive debunking of flu vaccine myths. As an asthmatic, I encourage all of you to get your flu shot. My lungs thank you for doing your part to increase our herd immunity!

Another post that I appreciated due to my own screwed up immune system: Christie Wilcox looks at a theory that allergies evolved to protect us from toxins. I often joke about cat allergies being a tiger early warning system... I think this theory is more plausible.

Mr. Snarky sent me this write up of Petunias in Space! It is nifty.

Danielle Lee has put up her first post since the post responding to Ofek that started all the harassment discussions. It is an excellent post about the need for science to become truly inclusive.

Let's end with some geeky humor.

WTF, Evolution had an awesome Halloween post.

Bookoisseur has a great cartoon: Seriously dude I think you're overreacting.

And this last chart isn't really about science but it is so true....

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That is such an adorable Halloween story!

    I did a fair amount of mommy blogging/bragging this holiday.

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Too bad DNLee got those two racists in her comment section straight off. And too bad she can't call them out precisely for the reasons she talks about in her post!! But I'm a privileged white person and can totally call someone racist when it's obvious they're being racist, even if I can't do it in the comments on Scientific American ('cuz I don't have a login).

    (Hint: Tone trolls are racist. Peace out!)

    1. Yes, it is too bad. She was looking for someone to make her a pic of a tone troll, i.e. a troll holding a tuning fork. I thought I could do it, but Mr. Snarky seems to have thrown out the troll doll he's had for years.


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