Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Listings of Fun, Part I

Last year, I decided to start a new family tradition: on New Year's Eve, the family would sit down together and write a "family fun list" for the next year. We'd have one fun item for each month, and since there are four of us, that meant that each person got to pick three things to put on the list. The kids weren't really sure what the list was all about, but we managed to write a list.

I thought it would be fun to give a final reckoning on how we did on our list, and to publish this year's list. Because yes, we kept the tradition this year, and this year the kids were 100% into it, and got genuinely excited about some of the items we put on the list.

So, here's how we did on 2013's list:

  1. Ride a surrey bike again (me). We did this one in Coronado in March, and a good time was had by all.
  2. Go to the aquarium (Pumpkin). We went to the Birch Aquarium a couple of times. The kids' favorite part is their outdoor patio that explores renewable energy.
  3. Go to the dinosaur museum (Pumpkin- she is referring to the NAT, or the San Diego Natural History Museum, in Balboa Park). We not only visited this museum, we became members!
  4. Hike to the top of a hill or mountain (Mr. Snarky) We did not get this one done.
  5. Go visit Mimi and Boppa again (Petunia). We spent Thanksgiving at their house!
  6. Go to New Zealand to see Nonna, Poppa, and Aunt S. (Mr. Snarky and I had to suggest it, but once the kids realized it was a possibility, they were excited.) We took our family vacation in New Zealand this year, and had a great time.
  7. Take a family trip to Orange County (me) I think our trip to Disneyland qualifies!
  8. Pick a day and watch TV all day long (Pumpkin) We did not do this. I'll confess that I didn't go out of my way to remind Pumpkin about this....
  9. Go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (me) This was our first family fun trip of the year.
  10. Go to Legoland (Mr. Snarky) We decided to swap in a trip to Sea World, instead, because they ran a good deal that got the kids in free. We've decided not to do that again- although Sea World is much closer to us than Legoland, we like Legoland better.
  11. Go camping (Mr. Snarky) We didn't get to do this- we had plans to, but didn't get organized in time.
  12. Explore a new neighborhood in San Diego (me) We snuck this in at the very last minute- we took a family outing to Ocean Beach last weekend. We hadn't been there since before Pumpkin was born, so I think this counts.

So- we hit 8 out of 12 in the first year, 9 if you count the swap in of SeaWorld for Legoland. I thought that was a pretty good effort. The grown ups were a bit more strategic in their picks for 2014. Given that and the fact that the kids now get the concept, I think we'll do even better in 2014.

Here is our 2014 list:
  1. Go to Legoland (Petunia)
  2. Go ice skating (Pumpkin)
  3. Go fishing (Mr. Snarky)
  4. Ride a surrey bike again (me- I am going to pick this every year until the kids are too old to agree to do it! It is just downright fun.)
  5. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck (Petunia)
  6. Go camping (Pumpkin)
  7. Buy donuts at a donut shop (Mr. Snarky)
  8. Visit the new downtown library (me)
  9. Walk on the beach and collect shells (Petunia)
  10. Hike to the top of a hill or mountain (Pumpkin)
  11. Go on a boat ride (Mr. Snarky)
  12. Go to the dinosaur museum (me- we have a membership, after all!)

Part II of this post will be a report on my 2013 personal fun list and the unveiling of 2014's list. I'm still working on that one- I only have 10 out of 12 items picked out.


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    What a great idea!


    1. Oh my, that seems more intimidating than a silly surrey, somehow! Although I'm sure it maneuvers better...

  3. Ooh, I knew I had read this idea somewhere. We're totally going to do this, and I like the 3 items each. You guys did an awesome job on your list!

  4. 8 out of 12 is indeed a good hit rate! I mentioned this idea to my youngest today; she thought about it and decided that she would like to go sledding in the new year. And then she went out with her big sister and did exactly that =) I love it when they have such easy picks!

  5. I love that your daughter chose for 2014 the things your husband wanted to do in 2013 but you guys didn't get to. That's really sweet!


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