Sunday, November 09, 2014

Surprisingly Profound Kids Art: Rainbow over a Field

It has been far too long since I've posted any of my kids' art. Time to rectify that, with this beautiful painting from Petunia:

She tells me that it is a rainbow over a field. I think the bright primary colors symbolize the happiness of seeing a rainbow, but the artist is silent on this topic, preferring to let her work speak for itself.

In other news, I cleaned a bunch of too small clothes out of Petunia's closet and moved some size 5 things from Pumpkin's "too small" area to Petunia's closet. They never even made it to the storage bin in the garage. I can't decide if that is a big win or a big fail.

I also finally posted another taster flight of short ebooks at Tungsten Hippo. Today's taster flight is stories about love.

Also on my to do list for today: pushing the button that randomly picks the winners in the raffle I ran for the release of Petunia, the Girl Who Was NOT a Princess, and notifying said winners. OK, who am I kidding? I probably won't get the winners notified until sometime during the week. But I am determined to pick the winners!

So, that turned into a bit of a "random updates" post. Feel free to share your random updates in the comments!


  1. Petunia's painting is lovely!

    And in terms of random updates: My Bean-girl is also quite artsy, and this weekend she had her 10th birthday party in a paint studio with her friends (they had a blast!)

    Also, I tried your gravity experiment with my kids and they loved it. Also, I read your link to Cord Jefferson's essay on his mother, and I cried.

    1. I'm glad your kids liked the experiment! And yes, that was quite an essay, wasn't it?


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